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We are fully aware that SSTT is not for everyone in the Physical or Metaphysical World!

During this difficult economic period; for those patriotic, for honor, for courage, for country, the few, the proud...
Yes, we do mean you smile! even if you never served in the military. You are doing your part to help our country and our world recover from those who have been unscrupulous to destroying a way of life we have worked so hard to preserve!

SSTT(San Shen Tan Tien) historical lineage as 'Spirit Fighters' feature article may be found below in the upcoming issue of (May 2009) "Inside Kung Fu" magazine, entitled
"Mystical Powers!"

The SSTT-MIT (San Shen Tan Tien – Metaphysical Internal Technology.) Shen Chuan Martial System "Shen Chuan" translates as "Spirit Fist" because it transforms the ordinary human body into a "Walking Lighting Bolt". Imagine trying to fight someone who has the power to "Zap" you with 10,000 volts of electric 'spirit' power. That's what it's like to go up against an SSTT Shen Chuan fighter. In our experience, Shen Chuan is the most powerful internal energy based martial enhancing system we've ever seen. You will have the opportunity to thoroughly investigate the Shen Chuan Self-Defense System which can be adapted to ANY martial arts(style/form), meditation or spiritual discipline. The Shen Chuan martial system is derived from an ancient Shang Ch'ing Taoist internal martial art that has been kept secret for almost 2,000 years but is now being publicly revealed for the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY.

We respect all styles of martial arts & their instructors and have made the SSTT Metaphysical Internal Technology(MIT) Shen Chuan system available to the public to be used responsibly.

The Shen Chuan system teaches the practitioner high-speed, multiple strikes against multiple opponents. Those who actively integrate this discipline within their martial practice will discover a very devastating internal energetic force.

This "MEETUP" is for all levels of martial artists from the beginner who has never been to a martial arts class to the advanced master level martial artist. There is no sparring in Shen Chuan, so anyone of any age can easily participate.

We also have classes for those who enjoy the peaceful calmness of Tai Chi, Qigong and meditation which we call "Shen Tao" or "Way of the Spirit".

For Los Angeles, CA.

Please also join our SSTT MEETUP Taoist Meditation-Healings! Classes now being held in Los Angeles, CA.

SSTT's Ultimate Fight was always Spirit Fighting for over 2000 years; never other men & women. Our SSTT Paranormal Exploration Group was often considered MMA(metaphysical martial arts/Spirit Fighting)! For more information about 'Spirit Fighting' skills... Meetings are held in Los Angeles, CA. For more information see link below.

Please note that this Spiritual Warfare has always been the duality of the Yin & Yang, Good vs. Bad, etc. The deepest meditations and healing transmissions came from a tradition of monks who faced one of the fiercest spiritual and physical battles as Shangqing Taoist.

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