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The Liberty Amendment

The proposed Liberty Amendment will give back to the Constitution its full force and effect in limiting the powers and activites of the Federal Government and restoring those powers reserved to the States and to the people. May become 28th Amendment

a .mht file 23K Deborah M. W. Jun 1, 2009

The Fall of the Phantom Assets Economic Autumn 2008

"When business in the United Staes underwent a mild contraction..The Federal Reserve created more paper reserves in the hope of forestalling any possible bank reserve shortage. The 'Fed' succeeded..but it nearly destroyed the economies the world,

a .mht file 295K Deborah M. W. Jun 21, 2009

Sponsor Testimony - State Sovereignty Resolution-SS

State Sovereignty Testimony

Adobe Acrobat file 116K A former member May 14, 2009


HCR11 State Soverignty

Adobe Acrobat file 5K A former member May 14, 2009


SCR13 State Sovereigny

Adobe Acrobat file 7K A former member May 14, 2009


Headed for socialism? Washington Times March 2009

Adobe Acrobat file 456K Deborah M. W. May 18, 2009

Stop Ignoring 10th Amendment

The News-Herald-May 1, 2009 Americans should be concerned that the 10th Amendment is ignorged by the federal government, which has been assuming additional powers not granted to it by the Constituion We must return to our federalist form of govenment

Adobe Acrobat file 598K Deborah M. W. May 21, 2009

You Are Not Alone

Flier for information about 9-12 Project Burton

Adobe Acrobat file 296K Deborah M. W. Jun 1, 2009

Grendell seeks support

State Senator Tim Grendell wants his constituents to help him to ensure that the state officials implement a one-year moratorium on the implemention of a new spetic system law. State representationve and Gov. Ted Strickland must approve the extention

Adobe Acrobat file 616K Deborah M. W. Jun 11, 2009

Public Official Communications

Tips on Communicating with Elected Officials - Sample Letter Format - Ideas for the body of the letter/email - 3 crtitical people to constact immediately on the septic system issue - Fact sheet on septic regulations legislation - action is required

Adobe Acrobat file 329K Deborah M. W. Jun 16, 2009

Letter HB176

Letter to State Rep for HB 176 pdf format

Adobe Acrobat file 14K A former member Jun 19, 2009


Freedom Demonstraton of 2009 at Ohio State House sidewalk on High Street July 4th at 8 AM Saturday until Noon All Patriotic, Law Abiding, Freedom Loving People Exercising and Demonstrating our Constitutional Right of Freedom to keep and bear arms

Adobe Acrobat file 414K Deborah M. W. Jun 23, 2009

Alinsky-Obama Connection

The Alinsky-Obama Connection Parts One and Two by John Vennari Note: This is an edited transcript of a speech recently given in Nicholville, NY.

Adobe Acrobat file 9.7M Deborah M. W. Aug 5, 2009

Questions to ask your Senators and Representative about ObamaCar

Questions to ask your represenative

Adobe Acrobat file 58K A former member Aug 10, 2009


Health care overview by Liberty Counsel

Adobe Acrobat file 89K A former member Aug 10, 2009

2009 Continential Con

Continental Congress 2009 Page 1 America Will Suffer Until We the People Reawaken & Together, Again Embrace our Founding Principles. It is time to hold our servant Government accountable. www.GiveMeLiberty.or­g

an image 9.0M Deborah M. W. Aug 5, 2009

Continential Page 2

Continental Congress 2009 Page 2 The We The People Organization-Our Republic now suffers a constitutional crisis- It is time to restore Constitutional Order & Liberty- A profound solution awaits America:The Right of the People to Petition Government

an image 8.4M Deborah M. W. Aug 5, 2009

9-12-Project-in-Burt­on-Ohio REAL ID - HCR-11 - Ohio Freedom News

Information about National Identification Cards, HCR-11, H.C.R. 11, Freedom Movement Coalition, Continental Congress 2009: November 9 thru 24, and various websites to visit for information.

HTML file 128K Deborah M. W. Jun 1, 2009

The-9-12-Project-in-­Mentor-OH FW The Pravda article in case you

American Capitalism Gone With a Whimper -Provada (Russian on-line newspaper article) Why can a Russian newspaper print the following yet the American Media can't/won't see it? This is a must read. WAKE UP AMERICA! STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!

HTML file 20K Deborah M. W. Aug 12, 2009

Burton 9-12 Minutes 5-14-09 C

Burton 9-12 Meeting Minuets 5-14-2009

Word file 35K Deborah M. W. May 17, 2009

Burton 9-12 Minutes 5-28-09

9-12 Project Burton Meeting Minutes May 28, 2009

Word file 35K Deborah M. W. Jun 1, 2009

Burton 9-12 Minutes 06-11-09

9/12 Project Burton June 11, 2009 Meeting Minutes

Word file 33K Deborah M. W. Jun 14, 2009

Letter HB176

Letter to State Rep for HB 176 word format

Word file 39K A former member Jun 19, 2009

Geauga Fair_Ohio ReorganizationRegion­alism


Word file 27K Deborah M. W. Jun 24, 2009

Burton 9-12 Minutes 06-25-09

9-12 Project Burton Meeting Minutes June 25, 2009 Guest Speaker - Rachael Jeffries of the We The People Foundation - 2009 Continental Congress

Word file 37K Deborah M. W. Jun 28, 2009

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