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912-Western Iowa-Council Bluffs Message Board › Will Ron Paul supporters vote for Mitt

Will Ron Paul supporters vote for Mitt

A former member
Post #: 212­

Well i think this answers the question because there is no way i am voting for Mitt Romney.
Michael P.
Group Organizer
Council Bluffs, IA
Post #: 2,151
Ron Paul is a lifetime federal government politician that has written more national socialism into legislation aimed at directing taxpayer money toward providing government benefits and privileges to his district than any other member of congress in the history of the United States. Making Ron Paul your God is as contrary to the founding principles of this nation as you can get. He talks one thing and walks another.

Oh, and IF Romney and Obama arfe the two choices for president; not voting for Romney IS a vote for Obama.
A former member
Post #: 213
Well if Obama gets relected then i guess people have to learn the hard way. Because i am not voting for Mitt.
user 10283917
Glenwood, IA
Post #: 416
Members / persons of the body politic or corporate, a corporation, have been voting for their CEO, president (princpas civitas), their commander-in-chief (Emporator) and appointer of judges (apotheos) for a very long time, so US citizens don't even learn the hard way. They insist on repeat the same behavior expecting a different result, which is the very definition of insanity.
A former member
Post #: 214
I cannot disagree with that.
Larry M. A.
user 10735319
Nemaha, IA
Post #: 1
I have oft noticed a vile streak in you reminiscent of the narcissism and ignorance or indifference to actual history that we all so despise in the liberal/ progressives of our nation.
I would urge you to take another tack, with a little more respect, introspection and objectivity.
You don't do yourself, the Romney/Ryan ticket, nor our movement, any favors by maligning those you disagree with, belittling the choices of other patriots, and spewing outright lies about the man who is inarguably the most honorable to have sat in Congress in the last 40 years. Most Ron Paul supporters are more devout Christians than you ever thought of being, and you suggesting they hold him up as a God is extremely offensive, and wholly unnecessary.
Little Ol' You saying otherwise is not going to convince anyone, but can only serve to harden the resolve of those who are determined to vote their conscience, and teach the Republican establishment a valuable lesson about ignoring the Will of the People that they should never have forgotten from 1992, when ignoring the concerns of those who supported Ross Perot caused them to lose the Presidency to Bill Clinton.
As always, when you refuse to learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it.
If Ron Paul supporters don't fall in line to vote for Romney, like all you sabre-rattling robots, then, it will teach the establishment not to take any of our votes for granted.
All those who believe in peace and prosperity thru production and cooperation, rather than constant conflict and increasing debt thru wanton destruction and subjugation, will have made a powerful statement, indeed, if either of the tweedledee and tweedledum establishment candidates is elected with less than a 50% mandate.
Besides, none of us even know if Romney will be the Republican Candidate, as he has not gotten 1144 votes on the floor of the convention, yet.
What will you do, if Romney doesn't, but Ron Paul does get 1144 delegate votes?
I will vote my conscience, either way, and I will defend to my death every man's right to do so.
We all know that no man is a god, but only Ron Paul and the libertarian Republicans are true constitutional conservatives.
The rest of you are all just Progressives fighting to impose your own will on others.
That is as un-American as the European immigrants who brought it here.
Like Jefferson said, "If man cannot be trusted to run his own life, how then, can he be trusted to run the life of another."
In Liberty, Larry M. Aden
user 10283917
Glenwood, IA
Post #: 420
Psalm 82:6 "I have said, Ye [are] gods; and all of you [are] children of the most High."

Isaiah 41:23 "Shew the things that are to come hereafter, that we may know that ye [are] gods: yea, do good, or do evil, that we may be dismayed, and behold [it] together."

John 10:34 "Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?"

Men are gods. They are not The Most High God, the Creator, but we are made in HIS image. However, if we do not know what the meaning of words are then we are deluded and easily deceived.

God/gods is not a name, it is a title; same with Lord, it is also a title, not a name.

The word "God or gods" comes from the Hebrew word, EL (Eloah or Elohyim) and means "a mighty one of authority", "a lawgiver", "a judge", "a magistrate", "a ruler", "a leader"; in Greek the word God or gods comes from "Theos", which means the same thing as the Hebrew word EL, "a judge", "a magistrate", "a lawgiver", "a ruler", "a leader".

Men are gods when they "make law", when they "judge" (sit in a jury box, or sit as a "judge" in court), when they "exercise dominion" over their neighbor by "voting" (a prayer) hoping they will "win" and be the "majority" so their plans and ideas will be "law", they sin.

In a pure sense we are all gods (lawmakers) when we write contracts. Because a natural and civil law maxim is "the contract makes the law between the parties".

In an un-pure, or wicked and unrighteous, sense: when man surrenders his God given responsibilities rights to another who makes law for them, like a king, a legislature, a president, a Congress, etc. then those people go the way of Cain, Nimrod, Pharaoh, Caesar and Uncle Sam.

When we surrender our inalienable responsibilities and rights to leave the Creator's presence (jurisdiction) in order to "join" a new "body politic or corporate" as a "member", "person", "national" and "citizen" then we have freely chosen to leave God's government/kingdom, the Way, and His law form, rights and responsibilities HE grants to HIS "members", "persons", "nationals" and "citizens". In other words we "die" (figurative death: like when the prodigal son's father says to the older brother, "you're brother was dead, but now he is alive": this is being "born again", which is a term of law).

So now that US citizens are "dead" to God the Creator they give their allegiance (*worship) to another god and father of a lesser spirit, name or character.

US citizens will have to choose to be "born again" and leave the "family", i.e. the body politic or corporate of Uncle Sam AND pick up and reclaim all the responsibilities they have surrendered to Uncle Sam, which he now provides to his citizens: all the benefits, licenses, pensions, protections, immunities, franchises, and "government" services. This is called "repentance", but most people want repentance to be simple, like a microwave dinner. They simply want to say some "magic words" and be forgiven while still giving their allegiance to another foreign and alien god.

*Worship: as a title is used for a person of importance such as magistrates and some mayors. Worship is translated from: the Hebrew word "shachah" meaning "to bow down before a superior in homage", and the Greek word "proskuneo" which means "to kiss the hand", and is used to express homage shown to men of superior rank.

"I pledge the...God of Creation...or to, "The Flag" of the United States? Who do people "pray" (ask, appeal, or apply) to for their "daily bread" (jobs, economy, social security, medicare, medicaid, unemployment insurance, disability, education, military and police protection, subsidized economy and bailouts, WHO? the lawgiver, judge and ruler of Creation, OR the lawgiver, judge and ruler called United States? The evidence is clear, you'll know them by their fruit (deeds)

The Creator’s Constitution.

1. We shall have no other ruling lawmakers and judges in place of or in front of YHWH, the only true lawmaker and judge.

2. We shall not institute man-made systems and surrender our God granted rights, powers and authority to those systems as a substitute for YHWH ruling in our hearts and minds; we shall not go under the authority and service of ruling lawmakers and judges of the Nicolaitan or Balaam.

3. We shall not claim faith in YHWH, while living by faith in, showing allegiance to, or trusting in the ruling lawmakers and judges of the earth.

4. We shall strive to enter our rest and not bar others who desire to rest in faith, hope and charity.

5. We shall pay tribute [free will, self-imposed excise tax, a burnt sacrifice] to our natural fathers and mothers so that they may look over us, care for us, guide us, and edify us in the Ways of YHWH. If through novation, corban and tutor we have prayed to and submitted to the authority of a substitute father, like Caesar, Pharaoh, Cain, Nimrod or Uncle Sam, we will honor our agreements and pay our tribute to our substitute fathers. Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto YHWH that which is YHWHs.

6. We shall not take, by force, fraud, legal plunder, deception or negligence, any part of another Man's life or liberty.

7. We must not violate our body or any part of the body of Yahushua, the Messiah, King of kings and High Priest.

8. We must not take by force or deception the use or benefit of anything that belongs to another.

9. We must always bear witness to the truth, never doing harm by any falsehood or deception.

10. We shall not desire the rights and dominion over or within any other man's family; we shall not desire the use of anything that is properly in the custody or possession of others.

In order to return and have access to God’s inalienable rights granted to the “members”, “persons”, “nationals”, “citizens” of God’s kingdom government those people have to FIRST take back the responsibilities God places on His “Citizens” this is what is referred to as “walking in the holy spirit”, “walking or praying in the name of God”. By doing the Will of the Father we become clean, we return to our natural state or status of being natural Fathers, Mothers, Husbands, Wives, Sons and Daughters. God’s State or First Estate, the Natural Family (the Libera Res Publica or republic) this is true, pure repentance, seeking to be "born again" and return to our Source the Tree of Life.
Larry M. A.
user 10735319
Nemaha, IA
Post #: 2
Your points are well taken, Scott, I, too, believe we are created in the image and likeness of God, and capable of the perfection that the Christ stated the Almighty God expects of us, but that only applies to those of us who believe in those Holy Scriptures.
We should never try to impose our beliefs on others, but live our faith as an example to others, instead.
Might I ask what all of your disertation has to do with whether or not Ron Paul supporters will vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket?
Am I to understand that you do not vote for human governments, which I could respect, but, if so, why do you care what we discuss, here?
A former member
Post #: 215
I definitely agree 100% percent with the last statement that was made. Scott, there are many things I agree with you on and a few things I have learned from you like the meaning of the word corporation and its mechanism, however when you go on these full page rants about how people are not following GOD a certain way it’s not going to solve the problem if you have 300 million people in America who have no religion or having a different religion. Or here’s a better one there are many different denominations of Christianity in America so there is disagreement there alone. This is why I don’t talk about my personal religious beliefs in regards to when I am involved in restoring constitutional government because I already know that if I did, there is going to be disagreement and it may result in division.
Since I have been involved working for Ron Paul I have worked with Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and atheists. And we worked side by side to restore constitutional government and in the name of LIBERTY. That’s the beauty about liberty, it brings people together and it breaks barriers. Barriers like people having this prejudice towards Muslins. I remembered when I started activism there were a few times some people did not feel comfortable working with Muslims when working on Dr. Paul’s campaign but after a while as the two groups of people worked together they found out that there were things in common with each other. One thing that was in common was the idea of Liberty (Sovereignty). And, it also caused many people to see how many of the stuff that’s put out about muslims by FOX NEWS is nothing but Neo-Con propaganda.
A good book I would suggests you read is The Age of Reason by the founding father Thomas Paine.
So in-closing all I am trying to get at is. Don’t be so close minded there are people in this world who are different and just because there skin color or religion is different doesn’t mean there bad people or don’t believe in Liberty. I am sure you and I can find some differences between us and some things in common as well.

user 10283917
Glenwood, IA
Post #: 423
"We should never try to impose our beliefs on others, but live our faith as an example to others."

Yet voting in a democracy IS a voter trying to impose their will and beliefs upon others in that body politic or corporate. So if you vote, you desire to impose your will on others, you're just hoping and praying that your "will", "beliefs" and "desires" will be the same as 51% of the other voters in the body politic.

Faith is a word that is derived from "fides" or "fidelity". Black's Law Dictionary 3rd Edition, page 95 defines, ALLEGIANCE. The obligation of fidelity and obedience which the individual owes to the government under which he lives, or to his sovereign in return for the protection he receives.

An individual cannot be faithful, loyal and obedient to two sovereigns, two masters (lords) or two God/gods (lawgivers).

"Ligeantia est quasi legis essentia; est vinculum fidei" = Allegiance is, as it were, the essence of the law; it is the bond of faith. Coke, Litt. 129 (maxim of law) US citizens show their allegiance, their bond of faith in Uncle Sam.

The natural law, the law of nature and nature's God, applies to everyone and everything on this created planet whether they "believe" in the Scriptures or not. Just like the terms and conditions of any contract are binding on the parties in the contract.

I got involved directly in this thread because of Vince's comment that the voters seem to want to learn the hard way, and I agree, but that it is not just this upcoming election for a new lord, master, god, lawgiver, ruler, judge, Emporator, i.e. Roman office of commander-in-chief of the armed forces; Principas Civitas, Roman office of President or First Citizen; and Apotheos, Roman office of Appointer of judges (gods) to Roman courts; all powers that have been surrendered and granted to the US president by those people that have surrendered their natural law responsibilities and rights to enter into a social compact, a contract that binds people to their new lawgivers and rulers that exercise authority. So they read the Scriptures but they don't learn anything from reading the Scriptures...they just prefer to do it the hard way.

The issue is there are a whole lot of people running around that have given their full faith and credit, their allegiance, to the god called Uncle Sam, who they "worship" (shachah or proskuneo) i.e. pay homage (trust in and pray to for benefits, privileges, immunities, pensions, bounties, protections, franchises and licenses) and tribute (excise tax) to, while at the same time claiming they still have access to the inalienable rights and freedom only offered in the Kingdom of God at hand, which is the government for, of and by the people, which is a body politic made up of those people keeping, trusting in, putting their faith in the Natural Law and doing the Will of the Father.

I cannot vote in the corporate elections of the United States because I am not a "member" or "person" in that body politic or corporate.

The Kingdom of God is a government for man. It has never left the planet, it has the same form and structure that it has always had in the flesh for man, right now, at hand, since the beginning.

It was the form and structure of government that most of the people on the planet followed for a very long time; it was the form and structure that Abraham (Brahma) followed after leaving the civil law body politics (same as the US) of the Indus river valley then Ur and Haran. Its the same form and structure of government that Moses taught to the people in the wilderness. Its the same form and structure that John the Baptist taught. Its the same form and structure the Messiah re-established we he took the throne in Jerusalem and that he passed onto His ambassadors (Apostles); a government that functioned "as an independent and increasing state in the heart of the Roman empire" as written by Edward Gibbons in his books "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire". Its the same form and structure of government of the Parthians, Scythians, Teutons, early Anglo-Saxons, before the Norman Conquest. Its the same form and structure of government of the Lollards, the Waldensians, the Huguenots, and the early American settlers in the 1600s before the Articles of Confederation, before the Federal Constitution, which survived as an independent government in small pockets in America up to the War of Federal Aggression (Civil War), and survives to this day in small pockets all over the planet.

The problem is most people "believe" that the only form of government available to man is some form of a centralized state with authority to make law for its persons/members/nationals/citizens created by man, and that God's government is only for the dead. There's a huge battle won for the adversaries of God the Creator.

The 9 principles of the 9/12 groups are all centered on natural law precepts, maxims and principles [the Creator's Law], yet most people in the 9/12 groups hiss at the natural law, they prefer to follow the statutes and private municipal laws of their gods, but then claim faith and trust in the God of creation. You cannot serve two masters. Dual citizenship does not exist at law, really, because you cannot be loyal, faithful and obedient to both, you have to make a choice. Honestly, I don't get it. So it is either the people are ignorant, and have not been taught the truth, or they are hypocrites. I tend to think it is the former rather than the latter.

An individual is free to do whatever they chose to do, but they have to be prepared to accept the consequences, and most US citizens do not accept the consequences of their choices, and a big one is they have NO access to their natural law inalienable rights because they have totally rejected all allegiance and fidelity to the Creator's natural law in order to go set up their own towers, their own sacred systems that reach up to heaven.

It is said that all roads lead to Rome....and that is true, but if you choose to turn around all roads lead back to the Garden of Eden.

This is why I care what people discuss here. One of the natural law commandments for the separate ministers of God under a vow of poverty (not owning a personal estate but all ordained ministers in an order owning all things in common for God in service to His sheep), a vow of chastity (ministers, as the bride of Christ, that do not commit fornication or adultery with another ruling authority like Uncle Sam; so no state or fed issued licenses, numbers or certificates), a vow of obedience (ministers that do not disobey the Will of the Husband who honors the will of His Father in Heaven), and a vow of faith (ministers that give their full faith, fidelity and allegiance to the Anointed King of the Kingdom of God at hand, on earth, rather than systems like that of Egypt, Rome or Uncle Sam). The mission of His Church is to continue in the perfect law of liberty, returning every man to his family and to his possession, to serve and strengthen the poor (in spirit, character, wisdom, knowledge, law, truth), the weak, sick or those not whole. To officiate as a herald of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. To measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein. To reprove, rebuke, exhort, bind and loose by testimony and witness. To preach and publish and to serve the people who seek the Kingdom of God at hand.
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