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Our January 10, 2014 Meetup

Selected By: Moinul Hossain

Foy's Lake

Chittagong, Bangladesh (map)

Selected by: Moinul Hossain

Chittagong is the second largest city in Bangladesh.It's also called the port city with enormous tourist attractions. Many designers, including 99designs community working here.We met last year in Dhaka Digital Fair 2012.We want to arrange a meet up here.

Selected by: Moinul Hossain

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  • Moinul Hossain's Photo

    The regular 99designers from chittagong please join the group ijn facebook to enhance the group..

    Posted by Moinul Hossain January 11
  • Abdul Mannan Asif's Photo

    Thanks a lot for arrange nice and excellent meetup in Chittagong.
    here i put some Facebook tech groups those are Chittagong base. following link you may get more tech people.


    Abdul Mannan Asif
    CMO, Co-founder of SkippeR

    Posted by Abdul Mannan Asif January 11
  • Moinul Hossain's Photo

    Finally we made it.
    We had a plan to arrange a meet up for last one year.And we did it.Today the 5 exclusive designers from Chittagong, Bangladesh met up at Foy's Lake, Chittagong.We had lots of fun & amusement. We also discuss the problem & prospect of our working situations.Moreover we did a future plan..In a word, its awsome.

    Posted by Moinul Hossain January 11
  • Ariful Hoque's Photo

    WOW.....it will be interesting. Hope, we all 99designers will enjoy this meet up...cheers.

    Posted by Ariful Hoque September 16
  • Kaitlyn's Photo


    Welcome to 99designs Meetup - thank you for setting this up, we're so excited to have your participation.

    I'll send out an e-mail to help recruit members for your group, but we need your help! Invite friends, family, or anyone you know who's interested in design. This isn't just for 99designers, it's for anyone who might want to join.

    If you want help organizing your event, please contact me here: http://99designs.com/people...­


    99designs Community Liaison

    Posted by Kaitlyn February 13, 2013

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Komilla 99designs Community

Komilla, Bangladesh Founded February 1, 2013
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