Financial Information (dues, donations, etc...)

Please consider making a nominal donation towards the 'organizer fees' that charges for this group. While this group's organizer dors not charge 'member dues' per se (as that's just not her style) there are costs involved in being a meet-up group organizer that ideally she would like to try to recoup. Obviously the organizer willingly took on the leadership role of , and as such she's ultimately willing to accept the costs that are involved. That being said, she would like to strongly encourage assistance (by way of donations) from group members so that she am able to keep the group up and running for long time to come, without necessarily having to empty her pockets twice a year to do so.

Organizer fees are $72.00 every 6 months, for a total of $144.00 per year. This organizer founded this group on November 22th, 2010 and paid the initial $72.00 on that date. She never had any interest in trying to recoup that cost, as she considered it to be her investment in starting quality meet-up groups. That being said, organizer fees are due for renewal every 6 months after that. It is this organizer's ongoing goal to be able to generate enough money in donations to cover the cost of the renewal fees every 6 months.


There will be a donations envelope present at 'ABC Club' meet-up events that are held at this organizer's home. Branch meetings held on different dates in different parts of town are also expected to have a donations envelope present. The host of a branch meeting can mail the organizer a check for the amount that was collected in donations, and the organizer will immediately apply that amount towards the cost or organizer renewal. Regarding the donations envelope that will be present at meetings held in this organizer's home, the front of the envelope will indicate when the organizer renewal fees are due. It will also indicate how much money has been raised so far towards renewal fees, and how much money still needs to be raised. Suggested donations range from as little as the spare change at the bottom of your purse, to as much as a few dollars.

The first time that a member comes out come to a meeting, she doesn't necessarily even need to give a second thought to making a donation. She should consider it a 'trial run' so-to-speak. She's testing the waters to determine if this is the right group for her. She should just enjoy herself, and get to know the group. If she does decide come back, the assumption is that she liked it and got getting something out of it. At that point, she should be willing to consider giving something back (by way of a nominal donation every once and a while) to help keep the group up and running.

Once sufficient money has been raised via donations to cover the cost of the renewal fees for the next six months, the envelope will go away and will not make an appearance again until it's time to start raising money to cover the cost of renewal fees for the 6 months after that, and so on. In the event that sufficient funds were not raised to cover the cost of renewal fees, as this group's organizer, will make up the difference.

Please know that this group's organizer appreciates ALL donations, as every dollar donated is one less dollar that she have to come up with on her own when this meet-up group is due for renewal. Please also know that ALL monies donated will ALWAYS be directly applied towards organizer fees, and nothing else (in other words, the organizer is not secretly stashing away the money that members donate to eventually apply it towards a tropical vacation, or something else equally as extravagant).

If a member is hesitant to make a donation because she might be embarrassed by the fact that all that she has to contribute is the seventy five cents at the bottom of her purse, please be reminded that NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL! Because this organizer opts not to charge membership dues at this time, she counts on member donations to help put a dent in the lump sum that charges her twice a year, and she thanks members in advance for any and all donations made.


Please also note that this group has an 'Amazon Associates Account' option that allows members to make purchases from a link on the left side of the site's main page, from which a small percentage of what the member pays for her purchase is donated towards this group. YOU MUST INITIALLY ACCESS AMAZON FROM THE LINKS LOCATED ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THIS GROUP'S MAIN PAGE IN ORDER FOR THIS TO ACTUALLY WORK.

Please be aware of the fact that ANY purchase (not just books) qualifies for this program.
As an example, let's just say that you want to purchase a hair dryer and a tube of lipstick on If you access by clicking on the first link (that says "Shop Amazon and Support ABC Club") on the left hand side if this group's main page, and proceed to purchase said hairdryer and lipstick, a small percentage of what you paid for your purchase will be applied towards this group's Amazon Associates account, and will eventually be applied towards organizer renewal fees. I say 'eventually' because I think that the account has to have a minimum balance of $10.00 before I am actually allowed to request that the money be sent to us. Because the percentage of your purchase price that is actually applied to the Amazon Associates account is so nominal, it will likely take us quite a while to hit that $10.00 mark. That being said, please do not let that discourage you from utilizing the Amazon Associates option, as EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS!!!

You can also use the associates account link on the left hand side of this group's main page to purchase a 'Kindle' e-reader, for which a small percentage of what you paid for your purchase will be deposited into our Amazon Associates.

Lastly, as we determine our monthly book selections, I will update the left hand side of our group's main page to reflect the appropriate Amazon links for both the paperback and e-reader versions of the books that we are reading. If you use those links to access and purchase the book, as previously stated a small percentage of your purchase price will be deposited into our Amazon Associates account. If you have any questions (that weren't already covered here) as to how our Amazon Associates account works, please contact me, and I will do my best to further explain it to you.


Please note that this group does offer you the option to donate via PayPal, which is a secure and trusted site that allows you to use your bank account information to make your donation. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions about how PayPal works with regard to making a meet-up donation.

Business Sponsorship

At a later date and time (i.e. when I have more free time on my hands) I will likely try to solicit 'sponsorship' (from local businesses) for my various meet-up groups. It's a 'win-win' situation for all parties involved, as it's free advertising for the business, and financial assistance for our group. If I am successful in that endeavor, hopefully their sponsorship will mean that eventually we will not have to count on member donations and organizer contributions to cover the cost of biannual renewal fees. As a member, if you are also a business owner and would be interested in sponsoring a meet-up group, please let me know. Also, if you are a member who possibly knows of a business who might be interested in sponsoring our group, talk to me about it and let's see if we can make it happen

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