Mike Y.


Marietta, GA

Member since:

July 2, 2012


What table top RPGs are you interested in playing right now, and what version?

Conan OGL/D20, my preferred system and setting, Pathfinder (home-brew campaign setting), and occasionally Serenity or Call of Cthulhu. As for (A)D&D, I greatly prefer 3.0/3.5 to all all others, although OD&D and 2nd Edition isn't too awfully bad. Don't make me talk about 4th. ;)

What board games do you like? What table top miniature games are you into? Do card games interest you?

North Druid Hills (Atlanta) area, and probably up to 20 miles away.

Where do you live and how far away are you willing to go to play? Also what days and times are the best for you to game?

Most Friday and Saturday nights, or Sunday afternoons, when I don't have rehearsals or performances.

What was your first role-playing game(or nerd games in general) experience, and how does it compare to your gaming today?

In high school, in drafting class, at age 15. The DM was a senior, so he seemed wise and mysterious to me/us, and it was an incredibly awesome experience even now. Probably more so, in my mind, even now. ;) Compared to what I do today, well, I'm that "wise and mysterious" guy behind the screen most of the time, trying my best to weave a compelling story, while all the while challenging my players.

Are you willing to be a DM or GM, or just a player?

Prefer to GM, perhaps oddly enough, although getting to PC every once in a while can be a treat with a talented and experienced GM.


Greetings! My name is Mike Yow, an Atlanta-based professional actor and drama instructor who still likes to sling dice, move miniatures, and above all else, weave mind-blowing fantasy stories (and act! imagine that! ;)), and enjoy good company.

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