Scott A J.


Atlanta, GA

Member since:

October 14, 2012


What table top RPGs are you interested in playing right now, and what version?

Games I've played or would like to play: Trail of Cthulhu, Night's Black Guards NWod- Vampire, Changeling, Prometheus  Eclipse Phase, Rouge Trader, Shadowrun  Unknown Armies  Fiasco, Hot War, Apocalypse World, Monsterhearts  I haven't played D&D since 1st Edition AD&D 

What board games do you like? What table top miniature games are you into? Do card games interest you?

I live on Midtown,  I'm willing to travel wherever I can get to using public transportation

Where do you live and how far away are you willing to go to play? Also what days and times are the best for you to game?

Weekends during the day

What was your first role-playing game(or nerd games in general) experience, and how does it compare to your gaming today?

I got the Red Box for x-mass in 1980s, remember being chased through a maze by a terrifying minotaur.  Well as a grown up some of the magic of those first games is gone but the stories have more depth

Are you willing to be a DM or GM, or just a player?

I would like to mostly GM, although I don't have a ton of experience. 


New in town and looking to find a good RPG group. I like mostly horror,occult, or sciFi games and GM

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