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  • Armando L.

    • Joined May 10, 2015
    • "RPG guy." 

  • Mark B.

    • Joined November 14, 2014
    • "Long-time Atlanta gamer. Comfortable with D&D, Pathfinder, Champions, Shadowrun, Spycraft, Alternity, D20 Modern, Villians&Vigilantes, Bushido, Traveller..." 

  • James H.

    Assistant Organizer, The Legend Himself
    • "I like all sorts of RPGs. Preference is Psychological, science fiction and fantasy though. Cthulhu too." 

  • Dave B.

    • Joined October 1, 2014
    • "I have been an avid gamer for far too long. I have a great deal of experience with numerous organized play campaigns, like Pathfinder Society and Living Greyhaek." 

  • Tony R.

    • Joined August 12, 2010
    • "Hi, my name is Tony. I like indie rock, RPGs, and donuts. (Donuts being my favorite of the three, with RPGs coming in at a very close close second.) My favorite..." 

  • Bryan

    • Joined January 2, 2012
    • "Looking to have some fun gaming." 

  • Anita L.

    • Joined January 8, 2014
    • "I've been gaming for over two decades. I prefer plot and character building over combat." 

  • Todd

    • Joined September 8, 2014
    • "Long time gamer of many different systems." 

  • Sandy K.

    Assistant Organizer
    • "My name is Sandy, I like anime, board games and lots and lots of different fictions, also a bit spacey, and might get lost on the way there heh." 

  • Richard B.

    Assistant Organizer, Darth Rich
    • "I am a long time gamer. I'm now mostly about RPGs, and I love every genre." 

  • Isaac

    • Joined August 26, 2013
    • "Howdy! I'm a media professional new to the Atlanta metro area. I dig Pathfinder and various editions of D&D as well as classic World of Darkness (Wraith,..." 

  • Travis

    Assistant Organizer, The harsh DM
    • "I am a table top player from my high school days, and I run games frequently. I am looking for a group to play some different games with and hopefully find some..." 

  • Tobias S.

    Assistant Organizer, Master of Modern
    • "I have been gaming for 22 years now. I have experience with AD&D, D20 Modern, and GURPS. I am a laid back GM whose only concerns are that everyone is involved..." 

  • David L.

    • Joined July 7, 2013
    • "Hi I am David. I just moved to Atlanta from small town Iowa. Time now to get back into the geek swing of things. I have been a GM/Player of RPGs since 1978." 

  • Jatha

    • Joined September 27, 2014
  • Ross

    Assistant Organizer, Mr. Johnson
    • "Someone invited me who plays/GMs Star Wars." 

  • Aaron A.

    • Joined March 12, 2015
    • "I'm all about random meet ups! Here for anything that comes along and peaks my interest!" 

  • Mark

    • Joined September 2, 2014
    • "Grew up with AD&D 1st Edition and Champions." 

  • Laura M.

    • Joined May 2, 2015
  • Billy

    • Joined July 12, 2008
    • "Old time gamer with a variable schedule. Would be fun to find a casual and occasional group that gets a game together when things work out. I enjoy quirky sandbox..." 

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