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The Atlanta Gamers Guild Message Board General Discussion › Dungeon World Campaign Starting in January

Dungeon World Campaign Starting in January

Michael B.
Decatur, GA
Post #: 74
So, I'll be running Dungeon World beginning in January, and I wanted to create this thread to plan ahead for that. If you have any questions or would like to participate, please feel free.

Dungeon World is a game that is very role-playing oriented. You'll do all of the standard fantasy stuff you find in Pathfinder or D&D, but the design of the game is about the hard choices that have to be made and the dire consequences of failure and partial success. The system isn't highly tactical and doesn't use miniatures. Combat moves quickly, is quite deadly and very cinematic. I'll ask some of the Apocalypse World veterans to chime in here about their experiences.

A great deal of the campaign setting and adventures comes from the discussions that arise during character generation. People who like to GM games often love playing this game, because you participate creatively at ever turn.

Creating characters in the game takes no more than 30 minutes, and most of that is reading through the options you can choose from. There can be only one of each class in the game. The currently available classes are:

  • The Bard
  • The Cleric
  • The Druid
  • The Fighter
  • The Initiate (specialized fighter)
  • The Paladin
  • The Ranger
  • The Shaman
  • The Thief
  • The Warlock
  • The Wizard

The standard fantasy races are class sub-options.

If you're interested in playing, please plan to come out to the first session on January 26th. And here in this thread, post about the class(es) you'd be interested in playing. Also, list some of the fantasy tropes that you'd really like to explore or see in a campaign. And as I mentioned earlier, feel free to leave comments or questions here.

Paul M.
user 13424357
Atlanta, GA
Post #: 159
Count me in. The AW engine makes the game about the players...there' 'll be a clearer sense of the history between the characters.
I can easily see myself playing a Paladin..emphasis on the ruthless Templar rather than chivalrous knight. Also curious about the Warlock,Shaman,Druid and more info on those? Also happy for Michael to pick one for me.
Michael B.
Decatur, GA
Post #: 75
This link is for a beginners guide PDF for Dungeon World that helps explain the way the game works.

Paul, I now see there's actually a Templar class available. Here are the descriptions of the classes I have at the moment. First, the ones from the main book.

The Bard
The poems say an adventurer’s life is all open roads and the glory of coin and combat. The tales told in every farmhand-filled inn have to have some ring of truth to them, don’t they? The songs to inspire peasantry and royals alike—to soothe the savage beast or drive men to a frenzy—have to come from somewhere.

Enter the bard. You, with your smooth tongue and quick wit. You teller-of-tales and singer-of-songs. A mere minstrel can retell a thing, but it takes a true bard to live it. Strap on your boots, noble orator. Sharpen that hidden dagger and take up the call. Someone’s got to be there, fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with the goons and the thugs and the soon-to-be-heroes. Who better than you to write the tale of your own heroism?

Nobody. Get going.

The Cleric
The lands of Dungeon World are a gods-forsaken mess. They’re lousy with the walking dead, beasts of all sorts, and the vast unnatural spaces between safe and temple-blessed civilizations. It is a godless world out there. That’s why it needs you.

Bringing the glory of your god to the heathens isn’t just in your nature—it’s your calling. It falls to you to proselytize with sword and mace and spell, to cleave deep into the witless heart of the wilds and plant the seed of divinity there. Some say that it’s best to keep the gods close to your heart. You know that’s rubbish. God lives at the edge of a blade.

Show the world who is lord.

The Druid
Cast your eyes around the fire. What has brought you to these people,stinking of the dust and sweat of the city? Perhaps it is a kindness—do you protect them as the mother bear watches over her cubs? Are they your pack, now? Strange brothers and sisters you have. Whatever your inspiration, they would certainly fail without your sharp senses and sharper claws.

You are of the sacred spaces; you are born of soil and wear the marks of her spirits on your skin. You may have had a life before, maybe you were a city dweller like them, but not now. You’ve given up that static shape. Listen to your allies pray to their carved stone gods and polish their silver shells. They speak of the glory they’ll find back in that festering town you left behind.

Their gods are children, their steel is false protection. You walk the old ways, you wear the pelts of the earth itself. You’ll take your share of the treasure, but will you ever walk as one of them? Only time will tell.

The Fighter
It’s a thankless job—living day to day by your armor and the skill of your arm, diving heedlessly into danger. They won’t be playing golden horns for the time you took that knife to the ribs for them in the bar in Bucksberg. No flock of angels will sing of the time you dragged them, still screaming, from the edge of the Pits of Madness, no. Forget them.

You do this for the guts and the glory, for the scream of battle and the hot, hot blood of it. You are a beast of iron. Your friends may carry blades of forged steel but, fighter, you are steel. While your traveling companions might moan about their wounds around a campfire in the wilderness, you bear your scars with pride.

You are the wall—let every danger smash itself to dust on you. In the end, you’ll be the last one standing.

The Paladin
Hell awaits. An eternity of torment in fire or ice or whatever best suits the sins of the damned throngs of Dungeon World. All that stands between the pits of that grim torture and salvation is you. Holy man, armored war machine, templar of the Good and the Light, right? The cleric may say his prayers at night to the gods, dwelling in their heavens. The fighter may wield his sharp sword in the name of “good” but you know. Only you.

Eyes, hands, and sweet killing blow of the gods, you are. Yours is the gift of righteousness and virtue—of justice, of Vision, too. A purity of intent that your companions do not have.

So guide these fools, paladin. Take up your holy cause and bring salvation to the wastrel world.

Vae victis, right?

The Ranger
These city-born folk you travel with. Have they heard the call of the wolf? Felt the winds howl in the bleak deserts of the East? Have they hunted their prey with the bow and the knife like you? Hell no. That’s why they need you.

Guide. Hunter. Creature of the wilds. You are these things and more. Your time in the wilderness may have been solitary until now, but the call of some greater thing—call it fate if you like—has cast your lot with these folk. Brave, they may be. Powerful and strong, too. But only you know the secrets of the spaces between.

Without you, they’d be lost. Blaze a trail through the blood and dark, strider.

The Thief
You’ve heard them, sitting around the campfire. Bragging about this battle or that, or about how their gods are smiling on your merry band. You count your coins and smile to yourself—this is the thrill above all. You alone know the secret of Dungeon World: filthy, filthy lucre.

Sure, they give you lip for all the times you’ve snuck off alone, but without you, every one of them would have been dissected by a flying guillotine or poisoned straight to death by some ancient needle trap. So let them complain. When you’re done with all this delving you’ll toast their heroes’ graves.

From your castle. Full of gold. You rogue.

The Wizard
Dungeon World has rules. Not the laws of men or the rule of some petty tyrant. Bigger, better rules. You drop something—it falls. You can’t make something out of nothing. The dead stay dead, right?

Oh, the things we tell ourselves to feel better about the long, dark nights.

You’ve spent so very long poring over those tomes of yours. Conducting experiments that nearly drove you mad and casting summonings that endangered your very soul. For what? For power.
What else is there? Not just the power of King or Country but the power to boil a man’s blood in his veins. To call on the thunder of the sky and the churn of the roiling earth. To shrug off the rules the world holds so dear.

Let them cast their sidelong glances. Let them call you “warlock” or “diabolist.” Who among them can hurl fireballs from their eyes?

Yeah. Didn’t think so.

Michael B.
Decatur, GA
Post #: 76
These classes are fan-made:

The Initiate
Some men learn to master a weapon. Some men learn to command the laws of reality. Some men learn to call on the will of the gods themselves.You do not need such things: you have mastered yourself.You have learned the secret of fighting with nothing. Perhaps you were part of a secret tradition, or a grand fighting school.

Perhaps you cobbled your skill together from a ‘school’ of hard knocks and a ‘master’ of pain and battle. Whatever the case, you understand your body in a way that few others can even consider.You know how it moves, how it breaks, how it strikes. It is your greatest tool and your strongest defense. You are never unarmed, and never afraid, for you know the greatest secret there has ever been: with the proper skill, the body...

The Warlock
Power is a difficult thing. Mortal men and women struggle daily to hold what few scraps they can obtain. Even the king upon his throne must safeguard his power with armies, decrees, policies. It is a long, hard road to travel.But not for you.Not you, no. You’ve found a shortcut, an easier way to gain everything you’ve ever wanted. Hard work is for people who can’t make the tough decisions you did, who aren’t meant for greater things. While your allies train and study, while your enemies prepare, you act. This is your world, your life, and you’re going to get everything you deserve.A shame you had to sell your soul to get it.

The Shaman
There is one certainty: one day, you will die. The greatest kings, the lowest criminals, all will one day die. They gather their money, their lands, their connections, in a desperate bid to fend off this truth.

You, though. You embrace this fact. You walk with your ancestors and partake of their wisdom. You bridge the divide between the living and the dead. While others struggle against Death, you are forever one foot in its realm.

Let the Cleric and the Wizard have their gods and their magic - they are like children playing with their toys. You take a far older path.

One of blood, bone and sacrifice.

The Mage
Dungeon World holds many secrets. You know, because you've found one of them. You found the font of power that is magic, and you have held it close. It is yours, and with it you can work wonders. Whether you
found power in The Dragon or The Mask or something else entirely, all those secrets were tucked away into that little wand you found. And now those secrets are yours to command.

You've found your power. You've only begun to see the heights to which you can rise. But you've also begun to find your limits. As much as you wish it was, your magic is not absolute. You can't do everything. You need your pitiful companions to win the day. But you know they could never do it without you.

For you are Magus, and none compare to your might.

The Priest
The lands of Dungeon World have been forsaken. No gods walk these lands, not anymore. Now these lands are a battleground between their followers, their remnants, their men of the cloth. It is not a battle that is always fought with blades, and that is why this battleground needs you.

With simple words, you spread the faith of your deity to those who would not believe. With humble words, you beseech your deity for a miracle, and it listens. Where you walk, so too walks your god, and it is through your faith that this power is made manifest. Wherever you go, the heavens follow. Your deity watches your every move, and through him, your success is guaranteed.

Spread the faith, Priest, and know that none shall dare lay a hand on you.

The Templar
Heretics. Heretics all. Everywhere you look in Dungeon World, you find blasphemy. Everyone pretends to be goodly, but you don't buy it. It's just different degrees of heresy. In the face of evil, you do not back down. You do not surrender, and you make sure none of those weaker types do either. You are here to do a job, and no man, no beast will stop you.

These men and women you travel with, they're better than most, but they're still mortal. They're still fallible. You're not. You're pure. Your cause is absolute. If there is an ends you must reach, you will take any means necessary to achieve them.

For you are Templar, and failure is not an option.

The Artificer
Dungeon World’s old technology is quite the mess, but you can fix it. No one else could, but that’s just because no one else is you. Pull some power from the leylines, run a little ambaric interference through the steam valve, tighten the sprockets, and it’s as good as new. Well, better than new, really. So maybe it’s a little more complicated than it was before, and maybe it didn’t need quite so many dials and whirlygigs. In your capable hands, every extra whirlygig is just another backup plan.

What do you mean, what’s it do? It should be obvious, shouldn’t it? It’s just an etheric matrix wand. It's not like you were building an ambaric compensator mechanism! None of them appreciate the intricacies of science, mark your words, not like you do! But you’ll show them. You’re the greatest scientific mind you’ve ever met! Okay okay, so maybe you don’t actually know what the etheric matrix wand does, per se, but you have a solid hypothesis! All it needs is some field testing.

If you knew what you were doing, you wouldn’t call it research.
Paul M.
user 13424357
Atlanta, GA
Post #: 160
They all sound good..I'll see what the others want to play,especially if they have strong preferences. I'll pick something to add to the "dynamic".
I do have concepts and ideas though for Bard,Paladin,Templar,Shaman and Warlock. Paladin and Templar may be too close to the Witchhunter I played in Warhammer...but I do enjoy that role ;-)

Imani, if it's like AW,the game setting will be decided to a large extent by who we choose to play, rather than the classic RPG format of choosing characters to fit into a setting that's already there. Will be fun!!
Paul M.
user 13424357
Atlanta, GA
Post #: 161
K...bought the book and add-ons :-)
Liking the Templar,Paladin,Warlock and Druid.

Very good stuff and not expensive!
Paul M.
user 13424357
Atlanta, GA
Post #: 162
Also, the beauty of Dungeon World (from what I've read) is that you don't have to worry about building your group with tactics in mind. It's completely feasible to have a game where most PCs are magical and not frontline tanks.
Come on Tony,Imani...what are you leaning to?
Tony R.
user 12737073
Atlanta, GA
Post #: 50
I'm thinking about playing a Wizard of Vancian demeanor. Yton the Pertinacious is a short fella, maybe 5 feet tall, with purpleish skin that is covered with ulcers. He likes expensive clothing and pointy black hats. He bank rolls his magical experiments with the employment of get rich quick schemes.

PS. I may chance the word "pertinacious" to something else later.
Paul M.
user 13424357
Atlanta, GA
Post #: 164
Still torn...
...a Templar called Augustine, who is on a brutal, blood-soaked mission from his god.
...a Templar called Sanguinus, as a above, except it's an evil god.
...a Bard called Dunwick, who is a roguish "Grimm Brother"...chronicles tales and folklore but twists the story to make himself the star...which he absolutely isn't.
...a Warlock called Faustus, a dark rogue who has sold his soul to look good and never age.
...a Druid called Hycorax...and Elf from the woods. He's a shapeshifter, very neutral and wary of civilization.

Thinking the Templars may clash somewhat with that wizard (well,maybe not the dark one)...Bard or Warlock might fit better. Might be good to have a thief too to help you get information and make money ;-)
Any preference?

Tony R.
user 12737073
Atlanta, GA
Post #: 51
All of your ideas are pretty awesome! I don't think the Templars will clash with the wizard that much. I see my Wizard as a bit of a swindler, but he's fundamentally a decent guy.

My two picks are The Bard and the Warlock. I really like the idea of the Bard and I really like the name Faustus.
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