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Selected By: Al Jazeera E.

20 Ash Street

Park Forest, IL (map)

Selected by: Gary K.

Message from Al Jazeera:

"The past month has shown us something that America can no longer ignore: millions of Americans want to watch our channel and better understand our region, and too many are deprived of that opportunity." - Wadah Khanfar, director general of the Al Jazeera Network

(For the entire article by Mr. Khanfar, visit­)

As an Al Jazeera English online viewer, you already know the value of AJE when you are seeking information on the realities of the Middle East. However, misinformed views about our content and journalism continue to keep Al Jazeera English off of American cable and satellite providers. On Thursday, 10 February 2011, US viewers are encouraged to make their voices heard by their local cable and satellite providers to demand Al Jazeera English. Meetup with people in your community who are demanding the same - and organize the best way to get that message to your cable and satellite providers.

To find the contact info for your cable or satellite provider, visit­.

Informative Downloads:
Al Jazeera Facts & Figures­
Al Jazeera Hits & Myths­
Al Jazeera Media Brochure­

These Meetups are organized by YOU - Al Jazeera English viewers who can see through the misperceptions that are keeping AJE off of American television. If there is not yet a location set for your Meetup, go ahead and suggest one. If your Meetup needs to happen at at different time of day, go ahead and change it. Use the comments within your Meetup to discuss these details as well as what you will do at your Meetup.

Tag any tweets, photos, and videos with #DemandAlJazeera

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  • Al Jazeera's Photo!/Riy/s...­]

    Posted by Al Jazeera February 18, 2011
  • Al Jazeera's Photo

    Thank you for your support during last week's Meetups. We're very interested in seeing any photos or videos from your Meetup. Please upload to video/photo sharing websites i.e. YouTube, Flickr, etc. and post the links here.

    Posted by Al Jazeera February 17, 2011
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    Here is a printable "Demand Al Jazeera" flyer that we hope you find useful:­
    Good luck tonight!

    Posted by Al Jazeera February 10, 2011
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    Please take a moment to watch this video message from Al Jazeera's Egypt correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin.­

    Posted by Al Jazeera February 10, 2011
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    We are humbled by the efforts you all are taking to help bring AJE to US airwaves. This Thursday, we know you will be meeting to brainstorm how to urge cable/satellite providers to carry our channel. We trust that you will find a way to make your voices heard - whether through phone calls, petitions, or video testimonials. We hear your voices, and we're doing everything we can to be as accessible as possible to you. We’ll be sending you updates about our carriage efforts as they come. Good luck!

    Posted by Al Jazeera February 8, 2011

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