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Let's meet in Los Angeles, CA

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  • Tracy H.'s Photo

    OK, I suggested Local Peasant in Sherman Oaks last time - good meeting, but only one other showed up. I'm happy to push a time and place, but perhaps someone else wants to try? I'd suggest NOT Santa Monica/Silicon Beach - quite a bit of LA on the other side of the 405 :)

    Baring anyone else stepping up, I'll suggest time and place in a couple days

    Posted by Tracy H. June 1, 2011
    • Palo Alto F.'s Photo

      Hi there. I'll be attending the meetup on wednesday, but other than that I'm down for a meetup in Silver Lake any time.

      Posted by Palo Alto F. July 24, 2011

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Los Angeles AVC Community

Los Angeles, CA Founded May 23, 2010
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