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Selected By: Richard Esplin

Pizzeria Toscana

17 E 11400 S, Sandy, UT 84020 (map)

Selected by: Richard Esplin

Message from Alfresco:

Alfresco 4.0 Community Edition is planned for release at the end of September. The week of October 10th, let's meetup to celebrate and explore the new release together. Pick any night that week that works for your group. The agenda is up to you but I suggest that people may want to give Alfresco 4.0 demos highlighting their favorite new features. Or perhaps you'd like to find and report bugs. Or why not work in groups to find and update the wiki with 4.0-specific information. The point is to simply get together to share our excitement about this major release.

I will be happy to reimburse your meetup for food expenses up to $100 for this special occasion. Please register your interest in that offer with me via email (jpotts at alfresco dot com) at least two weeks prior to the night of your meetup to discuss details regarding how to qualify.

We will be meeting for lunch, Tuesday October 11.

We have a conference room at Toscano Italian Bistro on 114 S State Street.

Bring some money for food. It looks like average price for a sandwich is $8, and a 14" thin-crust pizza is $12 (we'll probably split a few). Alfresco will buy soda and flat-bread appetizers. If money is a problem, we think you should come anyway.

Menu is here:

We're looking forward to getting to know everyone! Bring a friend!

Selected by: Richard Esplin

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Salt Lake City Alfresco Community

Salt Lake City, UT Founded September 16, 2011
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