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Selected By: Richard E.

LDS Church Riverton Office, 3740 Market Center Drive, Suite 3

3740 West 13175 South Riverton, UT (map)

Selected by: Richard E.

Alfresco has a lot scheduled for the beginning of the new year:
* The release of 4.0 Enterprise
* The availability of Alfresco Cloud
* An Add-ons directory

Sounds like a good time for a meetup. The Information and Communication Systems Department of the LDS Church has offered to host the meeting. I'll come prepared to give a status update on what I know about the new Alfresco items. Hopefully you will come with updates on your Alfresco projects and be ready to meet other local Alfresco users.

When you arrive, ask the receptionist for Eric Michie.

If you can't come in person, Eric said he will provide means to broadcast on the web. If you want login details, please contact me.

Selected by: Richard E.

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    We will try to stream this meeting out via a web cast. If you want to attend but cannot be there, try this URL:


    Posted by Richard E. January 26, 2012

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Salt Lake City Alfresco Community

Salt Lake City, UT Founded September 16, 2011
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