Ideal Muslim

Top 10 Qualities of an Ideal Muslim
These are qualities that are mentioned in the Quran. Allah picked Messengers that were created with such qualities as examples to mankind. According to the Quran and historical records, Prophets Mohammed, Jesus and Moses (peace upon them) exemplified these qualities.

If you are striving to be like one of these, you are on a righteous path. According to the Quran, Muslims believe that Mohammed (peace upon him) is the most relevant Messenger for contemporary times until judgement day. According to the Quran, he was given the final testament from God to mankind.

These qualities are all inter-connected and it is hard to separate them. You may also notice the common elements between the ideals of the Christians, Jews and Muslims. The first quality is almost a pre-requisite for the others. Of course, no one is perfect except God and we can only do our best.

1. Believer
Belief in one God, belief in all the messengers of God, belief in the message of God - the Quran
Not sinless, but is repentant and resolves past behavior. Has complete faith in God. Places God above all emotional or personal relationships or affiliations.

2. Humble
Does not get arrogant despite material wealth, physical appearance, social belonging, class, race, gender, education or professional skills. Never loses respect for others due to ego, arrogance, or emotion.
Apologizes for any mistakes or behavior and corrects faults.

3. Tolerant
Will not take away the rights of others to practice their beliefs, social values or culture even though they are not in conformance with Islam. Agrees to disagree in a respectful manner.

4. Sincere
Looks out for the common good of self and others. Will never knowingly act in a manner that will enhance, profit, or benefit from others weakness. Can be trusted with anything, will not break promises or make promises that cannot be kept. Will be honest at all times regardless of circumstances.

5. Patient
Will never use fowl language, raise voice, curse or be rude due to another's lack of knowledge, learning or action. Will always manage anger and never exhibit arrogance.

6. Forgiving
Allows others to commit mistakes and strives to readily forgive others. "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." (A well known quote from the NIV Bible Luke 6:31, historically referred to as 'The Golden Rule')

7. Justice
Believes in justice and fairness for everyone. Always uses a reasonable, balanced and moderate approach and will not commit excesses. Will be fair to friends and foes alike and will not be emotionally swayed or forced into making decisions.

8. Learner
Constantly gains knowledge in all fields of life including religion, science and spirituality.

9. Modest
Dresses with moderation, maintains healthy opposite-sex relationships within reasonable boundaries.
Maintains a balance between liberation and family values.

10. Indomitable
Cannot be oppressed and will defend religion and honor with nobility and fearlessness. Courageous, motivated, positive under all circumstances. Always struggles to purify, improve spirituality, makes the most of what God provides despite hard time or difficulties.

The result of these behaviors
By exemplifying these qualities, the ideal of Peace is likely to be achieved. Salam or Peace is a term that is commonly used by Muslims as a greeting as well as in prayers. This is a magical quality that is more a result than an action.

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