Desert Island books

We had a small group for this change-in-format book club meetup and that worked out perfectly. Each person was asked to talk about the one book they would chose to have with them if they were stranded on a desert island. One-by-one, the books chosen (by complete strangers) linked to the next one, delighting and surprising us all.

Ullysses by James Joyce

Kike explained how reading this book was a milestone in his younger life, a time when he was already questioning his Catholic faith. He enjoyed the challenging monologue style, how it crossed the limits of what had gone before.

The Odyssey by Homer
Shima coincidentally chose Homer's original epic poem. Full of myths, richness, the narrative stringing smaller stories together, a work that has influenced writers ever since. Whilst talking of the poetry she referenced to the Persian poet, Hafiz, and lo and behold....

Love Poems From God translated by Daniel Ladinsky

Carla chose this poetry anthology of 12 poets, including Hafiz. She read a few poems for us including the brilliantly titled 'Don't Bother Even to Ask'. (Another got us talking about 'the human bond' which in turn made Naomi think of the statue of three-men bound by one chain near Noorderkerk.)

The Distance From the Heart of Things by Ashley Warlick
Naomi explained her emotional bond with this book, how it speaks to her of a magnetic and unselfish love, putting another person first.

The Great Gatbsy by F Scott Fitzgerald
Cathy chose Gatsby, simply because she never tires of reading it; a short, perfectly written story of a man's romantic dream, the American Dream and the shallow world in which they flounder.

Shima also recommended the website:

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