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Is there anyone who'd be interested in more mellow hikes maybe on a weekly bases? I am recovering from some health issues and need to go mellow and increase as spring/summer progresses. Most of the hikes posted seem to be fairly strenuous. Thanks Tina
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Is there anyone who'd be interested in more mellow hikes maybe on a weekly bases? I am recovering from some health issues and need to go mellow and increase as spring/summer progresses. Most of the hikes posted seem to be fairly strenuous. Thanks Tina

I'd be up for some less strenuous hikes which is why I don't sign up for most all that's out there. they're all "expeditions" and I'm not looking for that; more to just get out and enjoy the fresh air and country.

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The Wednesday night walks are extremely mellow. They are a spring time carry over from our winter Wednight skates while we're waiting for Wednight bike rides. See photos for degree of mellow. VERY mellow is about right. We walk for an hour or so, flat ground, then go get supper (or not). It's a good start for anyone recuperating from health issues or just starting out. Maybe by midMay you and the trails will be ready for bikes!
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I'll keep my eyes open for the Wednesday night walks. Sounds like a good start. Thanks Tina
Doug Van E.
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When and where do you want to go Tina and Dennis or any other Adventurers members?

EVERYONE/ ANYONE who is a member can suggest activities and let an Assistant Organizer (such as Jo who commented above) know the idea to get it on the calendar.

Or, when anyone wants to be an Assistant Organizer, we give them that position so they can post outings they want to share and post for others.

So back to my questions to everyone in the group:
--- where do you want to go and what do you want to do? When and for how long?

--- would you like to please volunteer to become an AO and help the group become even more active and more diverse in that activities that appear on our calendar?

Outings do not show up on the meetup calendar because anyone is paid to put them there or organize them ... things get there because individuals say 'hey, I want to go/ do . . . . whatever . . . and I would like others to share it with me'.
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Thanks for the replies,

I thought I'd get a trail book, maybe that one 50 hikes in the Chugach, or something similar. Work thru the "easy" ones to start. Ideally I'd like to do one or two 1-3 hour walk/hikes during the week, then on the week-ends a more difficult one. Working on my strength and endurance thru out the spring/summer. It'd be great to challenge myself & others to a "difficult" hike/climb by mid season/seasons end. Being able to find my way back alone in the beginning is important so if I run out of steam I can get back and not drag a group down.

Being an "AO" sounds good, I think maybe I need to work on my knowledge of trails and my own ability to start, then after a few outings jump in there?

If you have trail suggestions I am open to about anything. Thanks Tina
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Hi Tina & Dennis! If you're working on building your stamina up, may I suggest Doug's Hillside Walks. These are fairly early (6:00am) but generally gets the "walker" ready for the day. As he say's they are a brisk walk that lasts only a short time and is a great motivation. I think that after a couple of days you'll notice a difference......Dave McLaughlin
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I'd be interested in some easier hikes. I think it would be good to have some on week nights and some on the weekend. Hope to hear more in the future. I'll keep my eyes open for the wed walks. The early morning would be nice, if only I didn't have to get to work.
Doug Van E.
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Tina and others looking for mellow hikes, let me suggest a few close and relatively easy hikes that you can find in the book

50 Hikes in Alaska's Chugach State Park

These can be done as evening after work or as weekend 1-2 or 3-4 hour hikes. From the book:

#12. Eagle River trails - meet at the Nature Center and the book, trail signs and their local map make these easy to find and they are easy to hike

#26 Near Point (or any place you want to turn around or make a loop from that trail head) or
#27 Middle Fork trail starts from the same trailhead and offers many options

#31 Ptarmigan Peak - you need not go to the peak but the same trail leads up Rabbit Creek and to Rabbit Lake.

#33 Williwaw Lakes trail can be an out-and-back that can go for 2 hours or two days (or more)

#41 Indian Creek - you need not go all the way to the Powerline Pass. This is a very scenic valley and easy trail where you can go as long or short as you want to go.

#50 Winner Creek trail - come with us from the Crow Mine Rd variation on this hike http://www.meetup.com...­

Like Jo said, come out on Wednesday evenings (last week as an example) http://www.meetup.com...­

Or as Dave suggested, the Monday & Thursday morning walks are short and quick and a great way to start your day http://www.meetup.com...­

Pick any of these and let's put them on the calendar.

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How about Near Point Trails or Williwaw Lake Trails? I am committed to Wed lazy walk and food, but any other evening this week works for me. I am heading out to Eklutna Lake Trails today and hope to get to Hatcher Pass next Sunday. So if there's any dates/times that work for everyone lets go for it. Thanks again... Have a great Sunday!
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