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Selected By: Ursula

The Map Room, 1901 Withnell Avenue

1901 Withnell Ave, St Louis, MO 63118 (map)

Selected by: Ursula

Join us for another amazing Apartment Therapy Design Evening...this time with Jenny Murphy of Perennial, Joi Svezia, a Craigslist expert and Upcycling Diva and Amanda Gray-Swain of Sprouted Designs. The evening's focus will be "How to find Hidden Treasures." Whether through dumpster diving or Craigslist finds, Jenny and Joi will show us how to turn something that looks like nothing/a throw-away item into a spectacular showpiece. In addition, Amanda will share with us how she started her successful Etsy business and what it takes to make it as an independent product designer.

Selected by: Ursula

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Saint Louis Apartment Therapy Design Evenings Community

Saint Louis, MO Founded May 23, 2010
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