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irDaa2 an-naas

Adobe Acrobat file 22K Christine ك. May 3, 2013

qabbani nizar

Nizar Qabbani - I wrote your name on the wind... I personlly have a hard time reading handwritten Arabic, so I had to look up the poem for next meetup. I tried to put all of the vowel marks in there too.

Word file 25K Kim D. Apr 6, 2007

Letters and their Various Positions

This is a chart of the various Arabic letters and how they look in the beginning, middle and end positions of words. I just copied and pasted it from­m . However this fits exactly on 2 pages and is a helpful guide for reading.

Word file 67K Kim D. Jan 29, 2007


A wonderful flashcard program for learning common vocabulary and phrases; Also, there are many foods and beverages, numbers, sayings, etc. that parallel what we have already learned.

a program 108K Kim D. Jan 29, 2007

al-kuumiiks fii masr

Adobe Acrobat file 119K Christine ك. May 10, 2013

Table-top Sign - Marc Snyder

Adobe Acrobat file 160K Marc S. Apr 13, 2006


Subject, object, and possessive pronouns.

Adobe Acrobat file 174K Christine ك. Jan 13, 2014


Adobe Acrobat file 180K Christine ك. Apr 3, 2013


Prepositions, pronouns, and colors.

Adobe Acrobat file 193K Christine ك. Jan 13, 2014


This is the flyer for the hafla( arabic party) of february 24

an image 203K Roula Feb 4, 2008

baai2at al-7aliib

Adobe Acrobat file 206K Christine ك. Jun 5, 2013


Alphabet and numbers.

Adobe Acrobat file 208K Christine ك. Jan 13, 2014

al-sul7afaa alleti 7aawelat an taTiir

Adobe Acrobat file 208K Christine ك. Jun 12, 2013


Basic greetings and subject pronouns.

Adobe Acrobat file 241K Christine ك. Jan 13, 2014

maTloob z3eem

Adobe Acrobat file 245K Christine ك. Jul 9, 2014

Enta tsaa'l wa na7nu najeeb - P2

Adobe Acrobat file 245K Christine ك. Oct 4, 2013

as-siinimaa al-3rabiiya

Adobe Acrobat file 255K Christine ك. Feb 27, 2013

aSdiqaa2 duuliiiin

Adobe Acrobat file 294K Christine ك. May 17, 2013

al-fuSuul al-arb3a

Adobe Acrobat file 302K Christine ك. Mar 7, 2013

ri7la illa lubnaan

Adobe Acrobat file 316K Christine ك. Apr 18, 2013

alqubra wa alfeel

Adobe Acrobat file 325K Christine ك. Oct 9, 2013

jaaizat ar-rasm

Adobe Acrobat file 330K Christine ك. Jun 21, 2013

burj al-qaahira

Adobe Acrobat file 343K Christine ك. Apr 10, 2013

al-amthaal 3nd al-3rab

Adobe Acrobat file 391K Christine ك. Apr 25, 2013

Enta tsaa'l wa na7nu najeeb

Adobe Acrobat file 398K Christine ك. Sep 12, 2013

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