Should I Get An MFA? | An Interview with David Shrigley | Work of Art Episode 2 Recap

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October 24, 2011


Should I Get An MFA?

I lean towards “no” on this one, but in an effort to provide a balance opinion to students, I’m providing both the cons AND the pros. A table of prospects complete with estimated wages follow.


Why Karen Archey is Wrong About Occupy Museums

In a piece yesterday, Karen Archey asked, “Why is Occupy Wall Street Protesting NYC Museums, and Not Super Rich Galleries and Art Fairs?” The post is aimed at Occupy Museums, the Occupy Wall Street Arts and Culture project that began protesting yesterday outside MoMA and the New Museum. Pretty rapidly, however, it descends into personal axe-grinding against Art Fag City. Here’s why she’s wrong.


Toronto Life: David Hockney’s iPad paintings show that a cool device can’t rescue bad art

David Hockney’s Fresh Flowers exhibition has been touring Europe in advance of its only Canadian stop, at the ROM’s Institute for Contemporary Culture, and garnering a lot of hype along the lines of “74-year-old visionary explores cool new medium!” The show consists of hundreds of flower-themed still lifes done exclusively on iPads and iPhones. (Hockney added his own spin, saying that working with the Apple devices allows him to paint without the “mess”—which sounds as though he’s promoting a cleaning product.)

So are the paintings any good? I, for one, am not a fan.


Occupy Wall Street’s “No Comment”: A Cautionary Tale

No Comment, the Occupy Wall Street art exhibition, is even more rife with controversy than when it opened. Following speculation that she may have been using the Occupy Wall Street movement to pay back the rent owed from her previous 9/11 show, curator Marika Maiorova is now facing backlash from No Comment participants over last-minute changes in sales contracts.


Work of Art Episode 2: Attack of the Clones Recap

As Work of Art marches relentlessly on, one more artist is thrown beneath the grinding treads of “reality”. Here’s what happened, slavishly recorded with intermittent jokes.

Shrigley Museums

An Interview with David Shrigley: What The Hell Are You Doing?

You’re probably a fan of David Shrigley and you don’t even know it. Acting in the fields of graphic art, studio art, books, music and animation, Shrigley has earned renown for making high-brow works on paper with a disturbing, punkish bite since the early 1990s. Though trained formally at the Glasgow School of Art, his drawings maintain an unskilled look, belied only by their being witty as hell. In late September, I met with Shrigley to talk about his career and the compilation What The Hell Are You Doing?: The Essential David Shrigley, which was published earlier this year and is now available in the US.

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