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Online Mandarin Resource List!

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Finally, here is our "Official Online Mandarin Resource List!" It includes classes, tutorials, flashcards, books, workbooks and mp3s. Of course its taken many decades to compile, well, actually maybe just a year. Have not had time to go through every single one and properly categorize, but have heard through members that most of them are pretty useful. Maybe a member will one day go through each one and properly list, categorize and rate them? If you know of others (Minjae? Dustin? Anyone?) please add them so we can compile the master list and send out as an email, thanks!
Rudy, Organizer

http://www.simple-chi...­­­ - only Newbie lessons are free­ - first 100 lessons (beginner) and the latest lesson (intermediate) is free, published weekly or so


All Levels






http://aprilpodcast.b...­ and http://learningmandar...­

Downloadable MP3’s

Top 5 Ways To Learn Foreign Languages For Free Online
Jo Z.
Austin, TX
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How do we add new items to the list, or comments about existing items?

The first thing I'd like to add doesn't belong to any of the listed categories. It would belong under a new category called Tools.

It's a free plug-in to the Firefox browser, called Perapera-kun. I'm not sure if there's an Internet Explorer version. Once you've installed it, any time Chinese characters are displayed (in a lesson from a website or in an email, for example), you just hover your cursor over the characters and it displays the pinyin and an English translation. It can do this for a single character, two characters together that make a word, or several characters that make a phrase, saying, or even a movie title.

I have other recommendations as well, but am hoping there's a way to make this list interactive, like a wiki.

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Nice, good job guys! You guys put a lot of work into this, so awesome :)
Joseph H.
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Austin, TX
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thank you rudy
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Hi there,

There's one I would like to add which is not on your list. (n詞酷/ 词酷), it is a free website which has audio for words, terms and sentence also it will tell you how to do the strokes of words. It is a young one but very decent. For your reference.

Cheers, Christine Ashmore
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Interesting site for learning characters
Michael L.
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Interesting site for learning characters

Agree! Been on it for a while, using the Mandarin lists from memrise itself (bwhately). The only drawback for me is that not writing the chars down by hand makes them stick in my mind a lot less well; I'll be able to recognize a char when it pops up, but can't write it down. My advice is to combine with trying handwriting occasionally, unless you only want to write by typing pinyin into an IME (or your memory works better than mine :-) ).
Michael L.
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Austin, TX
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Finally, here is our "Official Online Mandarin Resource List!" ...

One more I've used: -- main layout is in tradition chars, but they give the simplified too. Nice part is where each char explains etymology too, and links to which workd each char appears in. Also, most chars have a link in the middle panel (at the bottom) that says "animated", which gives the stroke direction and order of the (simplified) character, using an animated GIF.
Austin, TX
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I've got hundreds of good links, but here are the main ones that I found useful, (they're for Traditional characters by the way).

Awesome list of resources:

Stroke orders:

AMAZING resources (page comes in English too):­

Etymologies (both links below are for Simplified characters too):
http://www.yellowbrid...­ and

My own blog that I haven't written on it ages. Check some of the older posts, they're better:

If any of you like these links, send me a message and I can give you more from my bookmarks.
Louis T.
Las Vegas, NV
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I particularly recommend Perry's "AMAZING" link from Taiwan. Their 100 lessons and 1000 characters module does a really good job at covering all the basics. Plus, you get to learn to read and write proper Chinese, not the other simplified version. Here is the direct link:­
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