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The existing website is static HTML. The section pays someone to make the updates for them now and would like to automate the process. The section has two employees who provide the content and who aren't very technically proficient. They also pay someone else to send emails out and they're using constant contact. They need to redo the graphic design as well but they can hire someone else for that. There's a few categories of content on the page that needs automating:

- Courses. Each has a description, registration form, and can accept online payment.
- Conferences - it's just a static list of conferences.
- Ads. Nothing here has you can tell yet. Maybe replace it with AdWords.
- Events. Each has a description and some have registration forms and can accept payment.
- Description about chapters. There should be a short description of what each chapter is and a list of upcoming events.
- Section meeting documents, updated a half dozen times a year or so
- Articles
- Other static content like executive committee members, history, etc that needs only periodic updating.

In the redesign they'd like to create forms for the employees to enter this content. The front page should be a portal with a snapshot of all of these content. The events and registration should all run through the IEEE vTools service but I'm not sure what kind of API they provide. iCal and RSS feeds should be prolifically created. When events are entered, they should be posted to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter as well. It would be nice if we could rebuild their email system as well so that such events could be batched up for sending to members periodically. If we do the email system, then it should generate user-tailored content based on their IEEE profile. The website might do the same using the IEEE login.

It seems like a CMS is appropriate for at least parts of this. I was looking at Magnolia CMS at one point since it's supports Groovy scripting. Parts of it will have to be a novel web application though, which I was thinking of doing on AppEngine using Gaelyk but could be done on Grails as well if too complicated for that framework. Any subset of this is also possible. They'll expect something for money but of course they're not going to expect the kind of professionalism they'd expect from a contractor who would undoubtedly cost several times more.

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