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”Our Enemy, The State”

"A man is none the less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years. Neither are a people any the less slaves because permitted periodically to choose new masters. What makes them slaves is the fact that they now are, and are always hereafter to be, in the hands of men whose power over them is, and always is to be, absolute and irresponsible." --Lysander Spooner, No Treason

The events of recent really drive home the fact that the State is beyond containment. A great portion of the public is already financially, emotionally, or psychologically indentured to it, and unprepared to recognize its immense accumulated faculty for domination and tyranny. Those who do have concern with it, either lack the capacity to effectively criticize or contend against it, or they are reluctant to put themselves and their ‘stable’ lives at risk of the potential dishevel necessary to respond.

Government is now closing the circle of being able to cut people off from money and mobility, and thereby cementing its control over them. Everything financial or travel related requires government-issued identification. If the government wishes it can prevent one’s identity from using ATMs, credit cards, bank accounts, loans, vehicle registration, insurance, flight tickets, trains, border crossings, drivers license, healthcare, etcetera. Citizens ‘own’ their bodies in a very insignificant way. The government owns one’s identity—-that which is required to exercise the freedoms a person claims his body has. One can do practically nothing without a government controlled identity today.

The State now possesses everything it needs to identify, track, dominate, and destroy its detractors. It will grow ever-more uncontestable, domineering, and suffocating. It has achieved supremacy in the control of information, and the channels by which information is disseminated. It has attained a mastery of the techniques of manipulation and the art of dissembling and deception. It controls its own narrative and enjoys the authority to prosecute and destroy anyone who resists it. It’s a new class of tyranny and empire—one which has more staying power than in the past; one which is more able to survive the catastrophes it creates by universalizing itself and destroying all alternatives to itself. The modern State’s power to protract its ultimate demise and to intensify and distribute the associated oppression and misery is far greater today. The thought that it is destined to collapse on its own accord as routinely as past empires have is—I fear—too charitable.

The history of the United States is one of constant expansion of government power. The US government engages in a continual process of encroachment and usurpation pausing only at the point where it risks causing irrepressible revolt or revolution. The new standard for the constitutionality of government action today is whether or not the public revolts—after the fact—against the government’s usurpations. If the public doesn’t notice, acquiesces, or can be frustrated or beaten back, then they are said to have sanctioned, legitimized, and ensconced the extra- or contra-constitutional powers.

The State has immensely more powers and control today than it did at its founding—or even thirty years ago—and there is no reason to believe the State has any intent or incentive to reduce its power or control in the future; it’s a one-way street heading toward an ever-increasing totalitarian despotism.

American democracy is essentially dead. “The people” are powerless and completely manipulable given government power, technology, and control over information and thought. “Democracy” has come to be rule by a totalitarian cabal of illuminati—exercised from behind the pomp and circumstance of an illusory procedural farce serving to enfeeble, bewilder, distract, misdirect, pacify, and delusion the masses into acquiescence.

There exist today vastly different, and constitutionally-unhinged, conceptions of what government should be, and therefore political candidates no longer compete with each other based on their competence to serve within a broadly accepted constitutional framework for government, but instead upon attempts to seduce and indoctrinate voters with insurgent views of government authority and responsibility.

The US political system is far beyond the point where its terms can be considered reasonable. They are perverse and vile. The system assumes itself justified in forever escalating its impositions and dictates, and yet entitled to deference and obedience. The system requires its conscripts to object using only those methods inadequate to repel its aggressions and arrogance. The system is at a breaking point where its terms are recognized as being the mad devices of a tyrant class.

The system obstructs policy solutions which could undermine its expanse and power, and promotes those which enhance them. Otherwise beneficial and more functional policy gets suppressed with extraneous demagoguery deceitfully employed to preserve or increase the system’s ability to coerce, appropriate, and redistribute. The masses have been brainwashed with memes designed to convince them that an abundantly blooming government power is congruent with, or necessary to, their own interests and survival.

People have been so inculcated by the propaganda of the State, that they are hard pressed to hold it to the same standards of right and wrong which they would expect in their private lives. The State is the grandest incompetent, the foremost counterfeiter, the most egregious liar, the most intrusive thief, the most prolific murderer—and in every instance it will issue forth a coterie of elite moralists to explain why its actions are necessary and just.

Excerpted from the book: “THE MYTH OF AMERICAN DEMOCRACY: The Deification of Democratic Governance and the Subversion of Individual Liberty” @2013 by Trenton Fervor (ISBN: 978-1-4759-8100-1), available at,, and other booksellers worldwide.

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