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But please understand that this is YOUR group, since in Jan 2013 your group-organizer changed the settings so that ANYONE can suggest and host a meetup at their place.

That means that henceforth you can consider group organizer as simply the person who pays the MEETUP site $78 twice monthly to keep it functional.

So keep in mind that ALL suggestions related to this topic are welcome!

Even if members live too far away to ever physically attend a meetup in the area where this group was organized, you can still post messages and communicate and share with each other on this forum!

For different types of explanations, as to why it makes sense to prepare for independent self-sufficient living, click on the topics below.

Energy, Economy, Environment (3 E's)

Paper Money & Investments

If you are already an experienced 'prepper', please share what you have been doing, okay?

If your main interest is how to maintain health NATURALLY. Some sensible suggestions appear on another page. To bring that up, please click on "Smart Strategies to Maintain Health Naturally" in the Table of Contents below.

While adopting those strategies... you might want to simultaneously STOCK UP on the types of food which truly support health and wellness.

It would also be wise to convert your savings to land, silver, and gold if you can.

Land zoned for farming would be great!

Creating and/or joining self-sufficient sustainable community would also make sense!

Do you know what it means to be a "prepper"?

To communicate with others world-wide and access info from related databases,you are welcome to join the following yahoo e-group also:

Here you can make entries in data-bases to facilitate locating those with various survivalist skills, goods to barter, etc.


Things went VERY well with the gridwork done by TEAM INDIGO on 12-21-12, making it possible for us to experience a 900 year period, called the Age of Enlightened Living!!! For more details, visit

However, that does not mean that there won't still be some earth changes, wars, etc... as generally occur to bring about much-needed changes in the existing infra-structure.

But keep in mind that EACH OF US AS CO-CREATORS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, as we each do our part to bring about the necessary changes gracefully.

Details about each monthly topic are usually added a month before the Meetup date.

Unfortunately the group organizer doesn't check the address associated with this site, so please use Be sure to enter MEETUP MEMBER in subject line, okay? Otherwise, your message may get deleted unread due to spam controls.

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Thanks, Aalia Kusmis (Group Organizer)

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Smart Strageties to Maintain Health Naturally September 28, 2012 3:37 AM Aalia K.
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