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Yorba Linda, CA
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I have used Verizon Wireless Phone Service for lots of years. Now, maybe due to my lack of paying attention to previous licensing agreements, I may have never noticed the details of the content. I did not upgrade any service, or anything, but I went to use my Vz Navigator when I was in a hurry, and I was put in a position of agreeing to the following, or my Vz Navigator would not function:

By subscribing to or using this product, you consent to the collection and use of information regarding the location of this device and disclosure of location information to third parties in order to deliver these location based services. You also consent to collection and disclosure of information with regard to advertisements and ad impressions provided through this product in accordance with Verizon's Privacy Policy. To utilize certain features and functionality within this product you may need to establish and configure specific accounts with other entities such as Facebook.

The following are my concerns with this type of agreement:
1. I "may" be "require" to use products outside of of my agreed to product.
2. I believe that the statement may be promoting local businesses that abide by all the linking software requirements and the little ma and pa shops will not be listed in my searches for certain types of businesses.
3. I do not want Facebook tracking my location, but if I am on the road using my gps I must all location tracking to be selected on my electronic gadget, and if I choose to select location tracking, and forget to remove it, my grandchildren may know that I am at the male strip club instead of baking their cookies.
4. I had read in the past that potential employers may request access to your Facebook page, and they may also know that I went to the mail strip club.
5. When I log into my computer, and maybe it's software products that I am using, but the banners have been flashing Obama and Michelle as if to give subliminal message, and I don't want to see this crap on my phone because I use Verizon, but because I live in the land of the free, and should be able to choose what I use. I feel as though they are creating a database that tracking everything I do, see, and experience.

Please help me understand and appreciate this land of the free,

P.S. I would also like to mention that political agendas are being pushed through my one soap opera. Also, I am working with a volunteer program that required me to take someone to the department of social services, and there they were required to submit their fingerprints, and register to vote.
Huntington Beach, CA
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I am curious about the requirement to "register to vote." Who required this? This seems highly illegal to me and if true, deserves a follow up.
Which department was involved in which city?
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