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What's YOUR idea of heaven?

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In his new book, Heaven Revealed: What Is It Like? What Will We Do? And 11 Other Things You've Wondered About, Author and theologian Paul Enns writes:

"....Thankfully, the Scriptures have a great deal to say about the subject. Among the many things the Bible reveals about Heaven and the new earth that is to come: We will be reunited with loved ones; We will have a real body and a familiar voice; We can even go fishing if we want to (Ezekiel 47:10)...."

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( http://www.christiann...­. ), this is where I start getting really pissed off. Crap like this is wrong on so many levels that I would need to write an entire book to cover it all.

First and probably the most alarming fact this article demonstrates is: People are so afraid of death, they will believe anything that a "man-of-gawd" tells them. I mean, c' in heaven?!? I have to ask myself; what WON'T Christians believe?

Would they also believe things like:

In heaven: I will get to be one of the original Beatles! It will be John, Paul, George, BILLY!
In heaven: People will come to me for computer advise.
In Heaven: I will own rental properties and all the houses will have stainless steel roofs.
In Heaven: I will actually be able to remember peoples names.
In Heaven: I'll be able to fix my own brakes.

That's MY heaven.....what's YOURS?
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To me, heaven is simply a state of mind.

If you've lived your life honest, kind, caring, sympathetic, content, happy, open-minded, loving, and with conscience (I'm sure there are other things), you will be on your death bed with few regrets. Thus, upon death you may actually feel fulfilled, as if you truly are leaving your existence on this mortal plane without much worry.

Now, if you lived a petty life, stealing, cheating, lying, without love, without sympathy, the complete opposite of what I mentioned in the prior paragraph, you will probably be on your death bed wishing you had done more, but can't. That's hell. You'll probably die with a lot of regret, unfulfilled and yearning for more than just material gratification.

Of course, there might be the person that commits crime and revels in it and truly loves what he does (let's say The Joker were a real person). He'd probably reach this state of heaven as well. So it's not a great theory by any stretch, but you can see what I mean by stating that heaven is more along the lines of where you'll be at when you've reached the end of the road.

Now if I wanted to paint a personal heaven, it'd be this:

I would be sitting down, cured now of my perfectionist attitude, finally being able to draw with masterful precision. I would look at these drawings and feel like I finally accomplished what my mind has been imagining all along and I will know contentment drawing comics for the rest of eternity while observing other people and pondering bigger concepts. Probably, I'd be studying God and what he does, how he does it, etc. Perhaps I'll draw him.

Of course, I'd also be content, eating all kinds of food without gaining any negative repercussions, chatting it up with Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Einstein, Tesla, and any other genius that once existed in all of human history. Then I'd time-travel and observe the earth from the moment of creation and fast forward through some of the slow parts. Perhaps I'll also observe the universe and all of its phenomenas, ask God all the questions that most people would have for the big man in the sky. Finally, by the end of the day I'd probably finally get around to reading all of the old sci-fi books I buy. Maybe.

Of course, I'm not holding my breath. I'd probably go to the other place. :(
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your heaven kicks my heavens' ass. smile
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