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Refund Policy:
The general default policy is no refunds are given for paid events. However, if someone is found to cover your space, we'll gladly transfer the funds from them to you. Similarly, if it's an event where we're paying for permit fees or guides, if they will refund the money to me, I'll refund it to you (most won't however). The intention is not to keep your money, rather it's to make sure that organizers don't get stuck with fees. If you don't show up for a paid event or have to leave a paid event early, we will not refund any of your money under any circumstances.

No-Show Pollicy:
If you have rsvp'd yes, we take that as a sign that you seriously mean to attend an event. On day hikes with no set limit on attendees it's not such a big deal if you don't show up, though if it becomes habitual we will ask you to please stop doing it, if it continues you will be removed from the group (as we're a large group, it's all the more important that we respect each other).
On overnight trips and trips where there is a limit to the number of attendees, it's a huge bummer to not show up as this takes up space that someone else could have filled as well as making planning very tough. Note that you are allowed 3 no shows, that's it. If you no-show to 3 paid/space limited events you will not be allowed to participate in any more paid/space limited events - i.e. you'll only be allowed to join us for day hikes. Note that if this is the case, we will give you a 6 month trial period, meaning that if you show up for all the day hikes you rsvp for and can make a strong case for why it won't happen again, we'll allow you back onto space limited/paid events. If you no-show after being let back in to space limited/paid trips, we will ask you to permanently leave the group. Finally, a no-show is defined for our purposes as not changing your status within 48 hours of departure time for a trip. So, if you change your status from attending to not attending just a few hours before the event, we will consider that a no show (if it's a space limited event only).

No Trace Policy:
We take environmental responsibility very seriously, and consider ourselves ambassadors and stewards of the wilderness. We have a 100% firm, no trace policy - meaning we ask all members to never leave anything in the outdoors - this includes "food waste" such as orange peels, apple cores, etc. Many people that are new to hiking erroneously believe it's ok to leave orange and banana peels, etc as "the animals will just eat them". Yes they will eat them, and it can make them sick, and it will make them rely on humans for food, which can cause their death. At some places that have had park ranger cut-backs, we'll have a "negative trace" policy - meaning we'll try to take out not only our own trash, but we'll pick up what others may have left behind as well, as a way of being stewards of our own environment. Once we've asked you not to do this, if you continue to do this (even one time) we will ask you to permanently leave the group, as it's our duty to leave the wilderness areas completely pristine.

Safety First:
We take safety extremely seriously, much more so than some other groups. We have a strict "no hiker left behind" policy and ask that hikers remain within eyesight/ear shot of at least one other hiker at all times. Some people hike much faster than others - if you would like to hike faster than the group all we ask is that you first notify us that you'd like to do that on a specific trip. Note if it's a trip we deem dangerous or with iffy weather conditions that our Trail Leaders and Organizers do reserve the right to decline your request to hike far ahead of the group. On sketchier trails/more hazardous situations (such as river crossings) we may ask people to "tone it down and keep it serious" meaning we want people really focused during those areas. We always carry first aid and splint kits as well. Hikers that violate our safety first rule, including too much "horseplay" will be asked to stop. If it's a continued problem, you'll be asked to leave the group as we can't jeopardize anyone's safety.

A founding philosophy of this group is inclusiveness. We do not allow discrimination on any level and violators will not be given a warning - violation of this rule is grounds for immediate removal from the group. Inclusivity for our group also means no gender-specific events will be hosted or promoted through our group, no race specific events (don't worry we can still all have Chinese food, no age specific events, etc. It's the personal view of this organizer that the gay and lesbian communities are already too fragmented.

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