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Interested in night riding? You need to check out these lights...

Danny T.
user 9148002
San Jose, CA
Post #: 27
I'm in for the group buy too. I've just been waiting for them to make improvements to the light. Looks like a good time to buy.
Berkeley, CA
Post #: 2
I'm also in for a group buy. biggrin
Jeff W.
user 5762125
Alameda, CA
Post #: 53
Oh crap never mind:

I'm sorry, Jeff, we aren't able to offer club discounts on the MS900's - our margins are too flat.

And, frankly, about half our orders are multiple unit orders. We are working hard just to maintain inventory as demand is very high.

We'd appreciate your business though. I got this from Geomangear this morning:

Thank you!

Good lights, though, and a bargain at 89.00.
Berkeley, CA
Post #: 3
today they opened up their Oct 10th shipment for (pre) orders. high demand!
the price seems to be going up -- now it's $85 plus shipping & (optional) insurance = $98
Chad C
user 9304390
New Fairfield, CT
Post #: 12
*For a Brighter future you can still get the nice, low cost 900 lumen light for $85+ship and its a little better now... ALSO, they just came out with another model for a great price. I ordered a set which comes with two lights totaling 2300 lumens for $209 (shipping included). It comes in 4 days. Will let everyone know how good it is when I get it. Check it... http://www.geomangear...­

p.s. I sent the Geoman an email with ?'s after doing some research on the lights and they quickly responded...This is why I suggest ordering this paticular light from them vs another company...

1. Do you have this light in stock at the moment? And how long would it take to get? I can put the order in ASAP if possible.
--Yes we are well stocked and can ship either today or tomorrow. Shipping to Northern California is typically 2 days via UPS Ground.

2. Regarding this positive review seen below*...From ordering the light from you, do you still address these issues that seem to happen if the light comes from other sellers? ie., adding the heat paste, the longer cord, and five light settings while others offer as few as two?

*"We don't usually recommend dealers. We figure the Google search feature we offer at the top of each review will get you to the best, latest list of vendors. But this time we're recommending There are several iterations of the Magicshine light floating around and theirs is the best. It has five light settings while others offer as few as two. It has a long cord. It has heat paste between the emitter and the housing to assist in waste heat removal, which will help the emitter last much longer. And in comes with clear instructions written in English, not some Chinese interpreter's attempt at English. These features aren't always included on Magicshine models from other sellers. We've heard good things about GeoManGear's handling of warranty claims, of which there have apparently been very few. And, finally, GeoManGear's delivery time was very good and they heeded our special delivery instructions, something almost no other online vendor will do. As of this writing GeoManGear is having trouble getting enough Magicshines to meet demand. They accept order against future deliveries and post expected delivery dates on their site. With luck the manufacturer will ramp up production and this will become a non-issue"
Full review can be found here... http://www.bigringadv...­
--Great review. I've studied it in the past. We've had the manufacturer make technical upgrades all the time. The ones mentioned are now "non-issues"... Magicshine has been great. We'll also solved the inventory delivery issue - we have plenty on hand.

Thank you!!! We appreciate your support very much. Hope we can ship one to you today. The Combo Pack is our most popular item at the moment.

Best regards,

"Helping you find your way..."
Chris P.
user 11012696
Concord, CA
Post #: 3
Dude...that's some serious power... a small group of us have been riding 5AM on saturdays for the past 3 years (primarily Diablo)..a few have those 900 lumen lights with no complaints....look forward to your review since I'll be in the market soon... my battery/brick dies out just short of is the convenience of running both helmet and bar mounted lights with the wires and all? feel like wearing a bowl of spaghetti?...thanks for the heads up I'll definitely be checking it
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