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Selected By: Sue T

Gold Coast Arts Centre Cafe

135 Bundall Rd, Gold Coast, AU 4217 (map)

Selected by: Sue T

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Hi, I'm new to the Gold Coast so don't know that many venues yet, but am happy to get one sorted if there's others out there who'd like to meet up for this event

Selected by: Sue T

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    Posted by Behance Portfolio Reviews August 21, 2012
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    Hi Dan and Jodie

    not impressed about your no-show today at the cafe. Charleen phoned me to say wanted to reschedule, but neither of you showed or called. Not a good sign for me as a newbie on the Gold Coast looking for a supportive and vibrant arts community.

    I suggest you guys take your professional situation seriously, remember it's a small (arts) world, you never know who is on your next interview panel, and it pays to treat other artists with respect and courtesy. Regards Sue

    Posted by Sue T May 14, 2012
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    Hello All
    apologies for the mix-up, but Swinging Safari isn't open on Monday nights (thanks Charleen) so it's back to Arts Centre cafe. They're open until 7pm Monday, so we'll have a full hour. Any better suggestions please post here (I told you I was new to the Gold Coast and venues :-)). Looking forward to seeing you then, thanks Sue

    Posted by Sue T May 13, 2012
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    Hi all, I signed up for this Portfolio Review weeks ago, then forgot about it, so it's great to see 4 people here!!! I've suggested the Arts Centre cafe as a meeting point, but the Swining Safari on Gold Coast Hwy is also good for this. Any preferences? Also anybody else interested in perhaps moving it to a 6pm start? My background is Visual Arts, Sculpture, I've exhibited upholstered sculptured furniture, and now am working in a design-build capacity. Looking forward to meeting you guys. Sue

    Posted by Sue T May 8, 2012
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    Hi All, apologies for changing the venue at this short notice, but Swinging Safari really is the best venue for this sort of meeting - relaxed and spacious - and creative :-) - BUT it can be difficult to find so PLEASE make sure you look at a map beforehand, and please take my mobile # in case you get lost. Looking forward to seeing you all at 6pm and workshopping our portfolios, cheers Sue [masked]

    Posted by Sue T May 11, 2012
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      PS re the location for Swinging Safari, if you haven't been there, it's corner Gold Coast Hwy and Thornton Street, Surfer's Paradise side of Jupiters. And it's tucked behind a bunch of palm trees without much light or signage.

      Posted by Sue T May 11, 2012

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Gold Coast Behance Portfolio Reviews Community

Gold Coast, Australia Founded April 2, 2012
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