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Selected By: Hovercraft S.

Hovercraft Studio

822 SE 13th Ave, Portland, OR 97214 (map)

Selected by: Hovercraft S.

Message from Behance Portfolio Reviews:

Attend or organize an in-person Portfolio Review with the Behance community.

October 29 – November 5

Behance Portfolio Reviews bring members together at events in cities and towns around the world — organized by members, for members. Attend a Portfolio Review to present and get feedback on your work, hear from experienced professionals, and meet your local creative community.

(Note: the date/time of this meetup can be changed to anytime within Oct29-Nov5)

Holy cow, HOVERCRAFT STUDIO is hosting a Behance Porfolio Review in conjunction with Design Week Portland.

822 SE 13th Ave will have its big door wide open, and lots of local celebrities pointing, judging, laughing and crying at your work. We may even have some surprises up our short sleeves.

We promise to keep it weird, fun and social – might just be the best portfolio shindig ever. Might be, you say? It will. Beer, wine and hand-held foods provided.

Contact: or 503-206-5705

Selected by: Hovercraft S.

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    If you'd like to be the organizer of an event in your area, shoot us an email at [masked] so we can send you a Meetup Package with gifts for you :) Why might you like to organize? To be a part of something this kickass!
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    Posted by Behance Portfolio Reviews August 20, 2012

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