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Selected By: Elliot S.

Fifth Letter

924 Burke St Winston-Salem, NC (map)

Selected by: Elliot S.

Message from Behance Portfolio Reviews:

Between May 14th-21st, Behance Portfolio Reviews will be happening in cities and towns around the world. Take part in the Behance Community offline, and to be part of a collective experience of sharing and receiving feedback.

We're looking for some students who want to show their portfolios and get feedback from professionals in the Winston-Salem market. We will also have networking opportunities for professionals (i.e. hanging out) and a chance to discuss wants and needs for our upcoming AIGA chapter events.

Selected by: Elliot S.

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    If you'd like to be the organizer of an event in your area, shoot us an email at [masked] so we can send you a Meetup Package with gifts for you :) Why might you like to organize? To be a part of something this kickass!
    Infographic: http://on.be.net/PyujXH­
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    Posted by Behance Portfolio Reviews August 20, 2012
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    Oh, one more thing. If you're bringing a laptop or have online work to share, that's fine. We have a large flatscreen to work with. Still, the touchy-feely work is wonderful as well.

    Posted by Elliot S. May 9, 2012
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    We are looking for students and recent grads to bring their portfolios to get feedback from professional designers. In addition, we are treating this as an open house for fellow creatives looking to network and to provide advice for those entering the workforce.

    We will also be providing information about the AIGA NC Triad chapter that's forming and will discuss internship opportunities with Fifth Letter. We look forward to meeting you!

    Posted by Elliot S. May 9, 2012

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Winston Salem Behance Portfolio Reviews Community

Winston Salem, NC Founded May 9, 2012
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