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Iodine / Iodophor dilution

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I bought a small bottle of Iodine/Iodophor in the pharmacy.
On the bottle it says it contains 4.5g - 5.5g of Iodine in the solution.
How do I dilute this to get it to 12.5 ppm to use it as a no rinse sanitizer?
Michael A.
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12.5 ppm is 0.25 g in 20 L of water (0.25g I/20,000g H20 * 1,000,000). All solutions in china i have seen have the same label that says 4.5 - 5.5 g/L. assuming 5 g/L then 0.25g of iodine is 50 mL of iodophor. You can see it takes very little to make a large solution. Dont worry about making exactly 12.5 ppm, anything between 12.5 to 25 ppm will work fine. The water should just turn a slight brown color also dont shake it too much because it will start to foam a lot and the bubbles take hours to go away
user 81714562
Beijing, CN
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Thanks for you help Michael.

here is what I calculated for the min and max safe values to get a 12.5ppm to 25ppm Iodophor Sanitizer based on readily available Chinese Iodophor.

1g = 1000 mg
1mg/l = 1ppm

4.5 - 5.5 g/l effective Iodine in Chinese Iodophor, (碘伏 Diǎn fú)
4500 - 5500 mg/l or 4500 - 5500ppm effective Iodine in solution.

C1V1=C2V2 (C is Concentration and V is Volume)
V1 = (C2 * V2 )/C1

=== for 12.5ppm ===
4500*V1 = 12.5*1000
V1 = (12.5 * 1000 )/ 4500 = 125 / 45 = 2.8ml
5500*V1 = 12.500 * 1000 = 2.2ml

=== for 25ppm ===
25000 / 4500 = 5.6ml
25000 / 5500 = 4.5ml

Using between 2.8ml and 4.5ml of Chinese Iodopher per liter of water will give you a sanitizer between 12.5ppm and 25ppm.
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Our last meeting Jake changed the topic to Sanitizer because we have been having difficulty obtaining StarSan and we did not know about Iodophor. Its ironic this has already been discussed here on the message board before the last meeting. I just got some iodophor from the local medical store; it was really easy to find. I asked for 碘酒 (dian3 jiu3) and they knew what I was talking about. My bottle says 碘伏消毒液 (Dianfuxiaoduye). The concentration is also 4.5-5.5g/L and the bottle is 60 mL; it cost 3.8 RMB. I also was not sure how much to dilute it for 12.5ppm. A google search for "iodophor sanitizer brewing concentration 12.5 ppm mg" brought this thread up as the first hit. What concentration do you think is best for sanitizing fermenters and bottles: 12.5ppm or 25ppm?
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It depends on how long you are using the solution and what for.
If you want to use it for lets say the whole brewing day and don't mind possible stains on your fermenter you can go up to 25ppm by using 4.5ml per liter of water which in the best case gives you 25ppm.
This solution will over time become less concentrated when more and more of the iodine gets used up by being exposed to oxygen, light and other components.

Since the fermenters surface is small in relation to the volume it holds compared to bottles, there is no risk in carrying over to much iodine into your beer (off flavor and potential health risk).

For a quick rinse, on stored bottles which have been previously cleaned and sanitized, I use a solution just above 12.5ppm ( I use 3ml/l for that). That makes sure that I carry as little iodine over as possible but still get the full sanitizing.

For the fun of it, you can make a solution of 12.5ppm in a clear plastic bottle and observe the colour fading over time (a day or two).
Mike L.
Oslo, NO
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Ollo, I like your idea of fun! biggrin
Chris W.
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Is nobody else using diluted hydrogen peroxide? Cheap and easy to buy, also no discoloration issues.
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