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Session 3 Demo Program_1

a .ino file 0K David R. Jun 5, 2013

Sparkfun Shield Videos

Links to Three Sparkfun Video Reviewing Arduino Shields

a text file 1K David R. May 27, 2013


Session 3 Demo Program_2

a .ino file 1K David R. Jun 5, 2013


Hi all. This is a code i put together for traffic lights on my model railway layout. Using an Eleven board and 8 relay driver shield

a .ino file 1K michael c. Aug 23, 2014

Voltmeter demo Programs

Processing and arduino programs to demo voltmeter/analog input

a text file 4K David R. Jul 23, 2013


Processing program to read serial port data and display on a thermometer graphic

a .pde file 4K David R. Aug 7, 2013

PI Document

Brief Raspberry PI Description

Word file 8K David R. Sep 4, 2013

Ardduino Breadboard Video by Derek Mollow.

This is a link to a youtube video by Derek Molloy demonstrating building a stand-alone Arduino on a breadboard https://www.youtub...­

Word file 10K David R. Jun 18, 2013

Basic Input Sensors

Basic Input Sensors Tutorials and datasheets

Word file 11K David R. Jul 23, 2013

BAG AIC Announcenement

Announcement: Bend Arduino Group Newcomers Arduino Class Starting Jan 20 2014

Word file 16K David R. Jan 10, 2014

Yun Document

description of Arduino Yun Hardware

Word file 24K David R. Sep 4, 2013

Intel Galileo Review

Intel Galileo Review from Tronixstuff

Word file 42K David R. Feb 14, 2014

Arduino Clones and Counterfiets

How to Spot a Fake Arduino

a .odt file 50K David R. Oct 27, 2013

Sparkfun Serial Communications Tutorial

Serial Communications Tutorial from Sparkfun

Word file 62K David R. Jun 13, 2013

Arduino Troubleshooting Session

Official Troubleshooting Guide

Word file 69K David R. Jun 18, 2013

Arduino Comparison Table

Arduino Comparison Table from Adafruit

a .JPG file 87K David R. Sep 16, 2013

Flow Control Functions

Explanation of the basic decision-making functions (if, if...else, for loop, while loop and do...while) 11 slides in PDF David Robson 7/23/2014.

Adobe Acrobat file 99K David R. Jul 23, 2014

Intro to Breadboards from Sparkfun

Introduction to Breadboards from Sparkfun

Adobe Acrobat file 124K David R. May 23, 2013

I2C Part I

This is a slide set in PDF of the I2c short discussion presented at the BAG meeting May 27 David Robson

Adobe Acrobat file 127K David R. May 28, 2014

Arduino Information File 3

Bend Arduino Group Arduino Info...How to get stated with Arduino Environment (PDF)

Adobe Acrobat file 136K David R. Jan 10, 2014

Arduino board pins explanation

Defines the groups of pins on an Arduino Uno

Adobe Acrobat file 155K David R. Jun 19, 2013

Stepper Motor Tutorial from Sparkfun

Stepper Motor getting Started Tutorial from Sparkfun

Adobe Acrobat file 163K David R. May 23, 2013


Arduino Programming Function Reference Document: This is a list of the most common Arduino programming functions

Adobe Acrobat file 313K David R. Apr 27, 2013

900 Projects PDF

900 Arduino projects with full documentation. Best list of completed Arduino projects ever! Will take you days to read through just the ones you find interesting. David Robson

Adobe Acrobat file 321K David R. Apr 11, 2014


Temperature sensor TMP36 Datasheet. 20 pages Happy Reading

Adobe Acrobat file 335K David R. Aug 1, 2013

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