From: Dave D.
Sent on: Monday, September 26, 2011 12:16 AM

This is the second announcement about on the Polyamorous Autumnal Equinox Party, which will be happening
next SATURDAY, OCT 1, in Berkeley, California, beginning at 7 PM.

The OCT 1 POLYAMOROUS AUTUMNAL party is on - A Rollicking good time for everybody.

   (But wasn't the Equinox a couple days ago? Yeah, well that's a drag, - but we're following the old Egypto-Julian calender this year, so I figure we're right on scehdule - you got a problem with that? File a complaint in triplicate with the home office. We're still having the party on OCT 1, and I'm still calling it the Autumnal Equinox party - First week of Autumn and all that...

Basic info - more details to follow:

We will need to see valid PHOTO ID for ALL PERSONS who attend,
especially those who are attending for the first time, and especially single males and those not personally known by me. Sorry to have to do this, but is it a security measure insisted upon by our lawyer. We need the ID for everybody, not a story about how you forgot it, showed it to me last month, or figured the rule didn't apply to you.

 We will have our excellent PRO super fantastic DJ once again, so if you got music on CD you want to play, bring it along.

We need 2 more people to help with set-up for a couple hours
before the party, roughly 4 PM to 6:30 on Saturday. We have recently had a real problem getting help in this matter, and this has become such a problem it is now greatly impairing our ability to continue to have parties at this location. PLEASE only volunteer for this task if you seriously intend to show up. Phrases like "I'll try to see if I can be there for awhile unless I can think of something else I'd rather be doing" don't cut it, and are not counted as committments.

We are also having to limit the number of single males. We have been doing this for a while, but we are now going to be enforcing this policy more strictly. (Sorry guys). This does NOT mean there will be no single males allowed, just that the number of them will be limited. (Note that that the term "single male" is here defined as a male who arrives without the company of a female. The fact
that he may have four wives back in Utah or/and several girlfriends does not enter into the discussion).

This is NOT a kid-friendly event. No one under 18 years of age will be
permitted. It will not be a g-rated event, at least not after 8:30 PM. This does not necessarily mean it will degenerate into a wild orgy, merely that there is no guarantee of a g-rating after 8:30 PM


The event is guaranteed G-rated until 8:30 PM. Small Bonfire in the backyard area - probably be lit about this same time. (ONLY IT WEATHER PERMITS - which it might not)

We plan to have erotic/exotic dancers (as usual) so be prepared.
Current plan is to have the female dancer(s) go on at about 9 PM. NOT CONFIRMED YET, BUT WE DO HAVE A LOVELY BELLY EXOTIC BELLY DANCER CONFIRMED - She won't be Nude, but she's hot just as same!
 I have a tentative committment from one "amateur" male dancer as well, tenttively scheduled for 10 PM.

 We shall attempt a slightly more structured snuggle party/puppy pile this time. All females will be give a set of red cards, and they can give one to any other person as an invitation to snuggle. The woman offering the cards makes the offer, and sets the limits and conditions.

Specific location and other relevant information will be given to those who RSVP

RSVP to: [address removed]

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