Castle Whiterock Adventure

  • April 21, 2013 · 9:00 AM
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Castle Whiterock Campaign: This is an ongoing Campaign and the seating has already been established at our current 10 players. I may be able to accommodate new comers based on the current players approval. The Whiterock Adventure Continues onward fellow adventurers! What are we to do? Trapped in the Castle compound and it's adjacent monastery our adventurers delve deeper into the depths of this den of evil, trying to find clues to escape the evil that traps them there.

Searching the Dug out area revealed a monstrous Pipe Organ made of stone and Jade inlays. The party used their wit and ingenuity finally gleaming that the Sorrow Song Flute may play a key role.
The Bard and party made make shift instruments out of some jade relics that they found in the Dungeon and got the band back together.
This released a Elemental spirit that had been communicating through the flute to the bard.
The Elemental led them to a beautiful female druid turned into Stone, and in possession of another mysterious Gem of Power. This Stoned Druid seemed to be guarding a passage way to a peculiar stone door.
After much planning and thought the party freed the druid, who seemed to be trapped for over a hundred years!
Joining the party and providing some insight to a little history of the ruins the party pressed forward.....

Further investigation of the corridor and smallish door revealed a long dead secret ... the Gnomish Clockwork Academy! Long forgotten and thought to be destroyed ... this secret society of Societal convince and arms-makers for the rich and powerful has been revealed.
What items can the party "acquire" from this area?

Filled with traps and mechanical beings the party now seeks refuge and respite which is soon disturbed.
Attacked by Automatons (protecting their masters secrets perhaps?) the party luckily and narrowly defeats these bomb lobbing assassins and presses forward into the inner sanctum.

Further investigation revealed a type of underground "Laundry" service which seemed to prove difficult for the party ... since it was protected by water elementals ... after attempting to drown several members of the group the party devises a ingenious plan to defeat these monsters and succeeds! The outcome is quite shocking!
Finding some items of interest and a little rest proves important for the party's survival. As the the group pushes forward into a hidden chamber whose secrets seems impregnable, a revelation occurs to the party and they give their ideas life! The inner chamber has been breached! But it is protected by more mechanical guardians that seem more powerful then the last!
The gods must be blessing the party, or they have a unknown guardian, for a arrow shot of EPIC proportions, true to it's mark finds the very heart of one of the guardians and levels both golems.
The party defeats the chambers guardians and acquires the tome of The Infamous Clockwork Academy .. all its secrets that only the mind of a ingenious and insane gnome can decipher.
A interesting revelation to the founder of the Academy and possibly it's true nature ... a certain Ergus Silverheal and the Silverheal family crest ... whose family is still of importance in the realm ... The party has realized that the Silverheal family has been supplying mechanical devices of destruction secretly to the powers that be, across the realm for generations. Inside the tome and in several tapestries a construct of epic proportions are depicted ... an Doomsday Earthshaker device, a construct 20 stories tall 100 years in the making.
What will the party do with this book and it's information? What will the group do with the information about the Silverheal legacy?

The party used the Kobolds knowledge of the rockeel tunnels to bypass any danger they delved deeper into the carved out rock tunnels only to have their senses assulted by loud buzzing and clacking.
The party has stumbled upon a Queen Stone Boring Ant and her colony! after a quick skirmish and being set upon by her "Army" the party defeats this underdark enemy. After a search of the area and a possible transformation of the party rogue to a better, more righteous parth, the party finds some items of interest. The group continues forward in a maze of winding tunnels thats leads them to a offal filled cavern. They party decides to quietly advance past this area noticing many more ants and several hundred giant bats about the cave.
Sending scouts ahead they come across a sight of several lizard men  fighting for supremecy over a 10x10' rock. Upon further investigation they discover the Trogs set upon by several oozes, bashing each other about the head to remove the creatures ... they party decided to "help" these creatures become dissolved by the oozes. After several rounds the group succeeds and the oozes became aware of the presence of other life forces and began their slow advance towards the party.
The better part of valor as it is said and the party advances in a reward fashion to explore other avenues of the cave system ... only to come across a cavern of Trog warriors feasting on the roasting remains of a giant ant.
Short work dispatches the Trogs and their large alarm Guard Rat.
After some further cave delving the group is tracked by a Trog warrior and attacked from behind only to dispatch him to his god.
The party finds several spears of a man named Elwiss who traveled with a long gone group "The Order of the Sundered Scale". I believe we have the lone remaining member of the group in our party? A coincidence perhaps ....
This fearless adventurers is where our quest ended for the night.

After much exploration of the tunnel area that the stoneboring ants have created. the party traveled the winding passages only to be tracked by some all too well known Scarab beetle spys of the Lich King Mummy.  Several well placed Gnomish tinker bombs and a unforeseen cave-in sealed the area and separated the party. While trying to dig out their comrades and chase down another threat of a Drow scout riding a lizard ... the party was beset by the drow hunting party looking for revenge on the group for their past heresy against them. Defeating the hunting party, narrowly, the group resumed there search of the tunnels, only to realize that a couple of the Drow had escaped and wandered into a Trog Trap.  A search of the tunnels revealed a group of Trogs eagerly waiting for the Drow advancement ... short work between the two enemies granted the group combat advantage to finish off the remainder.

The Party decided to rest for the night and resume their advancement after rest. Advancing forward into the tunnels the group found a odd sight of a Female Trog Warrior trying to seduce the party into a session of passion with her. forgoing the obvious trap, the party attacked and a multitude of  traps were sprung.  a pit trap opened in the floor and they were beset by Trog warriors from behind a collapsible wall, the party made short work of the vermin.  The Trog trap disturbed an new foe from with-in the pit trap a mephit with no time for the heroes. Even good bantering couldn't stop the fight that ensued ... only a kind gesture from our resident druid and quick thinking from the bard stopped the disaster that was to unfold. The Mephit summoned help and the party was greeted by a familiar face an IMP from a previous encounter that was sent by an unknown entity to perhaps "aid" the party in their adventure. The IMPs true intentions are unknown, but he has not harmed nor hindered the party thus far. His quick tongue and glib remarks cooled the situation enough to allow the party passage away from the Mephite .... for now. Usage of  a discovered tool, " a Xorn claw" has helped the party dig around a falling rock trap into some kind of workshop ....

After several hours of exploration and some minor skirmishes later ... the party finds an underwater lake with pressure much like that of a diving bell... debating weather or not to try and drown the lower sections of the dungeon, the party decides to explore it first. Finding stone steps to follow the party begins delving into water, The party using their quick wits discovers a new usage for a air elemental .... a long winding underwater passages/corridor of well worked stone with images depicting the grandure of the monistary eventually the passage widens and leads the party back to the lower castle embankments that have been reclaimed by the caldera's watery depths into the underwater courtyard. Our in resident rogue discovers a secret door that leads to several rooms overlooking the courtyard area and a final secret door that dumps them into a room made to hold out the water outside ... searching the area a chance encounter with a dungeon denzin, some electric eel followers, alligator turtles and an underwater ooze seemed to challenge the party, but they prevailed. The party found underwater "hanger" style doors holding back the tons of water beyond. a bad choice with a large mechanical level almost spelled their doom and gave them a watery burial. following the path previously traveled brought them back outside and investigation of the underwater courtyard brought about the curiousity and the interests of an aquatic hydra that gave he party an interesting fight. further investigation brought a chance encounter with aquatic undead and an aquatic lich in possession of a blue gem of power ... the undead became really dead, but the quick thinking of a party member consecrating the underwater cemetery rebuked the lich and gave him the chance to escape. Investigation of the area found the party with a interesting dilemma. Several of the corpses were members of the order of the sundered scale as well as the Lich bearing marks on his vestments proclaiming the same ... also a Crypt of Justica, sealed and water tight... another interesting use of the air elemental sealing the entrance ... they broke into the crypt and found a dwarven cleric follower of Moradin with full burial rites as if he were a follower of Justica with a burial plaque proclaiming such rights granted to him with her protection. He appears to be a long dead champion of Justica and a member of the lost order of the sundered scale. Investigation discovered the dwarf was poisoned and spell bound but under Justica's protection.

Once freed , the dwarf rather quickly became re-adjusted to living again and jumpedright into the fray of battle, seeking his retribution on those against his faith. Our fallen Paladin seeing the wonders of such devotion and faith has made atonement back into the flock of Justica and again (3rd time there Kyle) has proclaimed his faith to the god Justica, slowly regaining his powers ... vowing to never stray again, worship only her, pledging his loyalty and life serving Justicaas her sword arm of Justice and retribution against those of non-belief.

The party regathering, resting, drying out and healing decided to try and reclaim the upper courtyard area .. and after much sneaking an attack ensued against the human slavers posing as monks ... quick work and a conversion (of sorts) turned the tide with the party discovering there were only 3 real evil leaders of this slaving ring providing flesh to the Orc tribes. Questioning has led the party to believe that the humans did not wish to carry out these atrocities any longer, and wanted only to be freed to not have to serve the Orcs kidnapping travelers and citizen of Cillimar. The party discovered that the orcs are serving the wishes of a more powerful tribe of orcs called the White Rock orcs who deliver the slaves to the impresario, whom they believe to be a drugar who sells the slaves to the drow of the underdark possibly.

An ultimatum was issued and the 3 truly evil slavers were released upon punishment of death if they returned. The party was now finally able to turn their attention to the tribe of orcs protecting the small "encampment of surrounding partially destroyed buildings" ie: town. A disturbing turn of events brought the attention of a Lake dwelling dragon turtle into the midst of an orc protected shoreline ... to which the party decided to attacked both orcs and dragon turtle in a 2 front attack ... which to everyones surprise turned into a battle Royal of epic proportions ... now throw in a rather angry Aquatic Lich and some controlled water elementals looking for revenge on a distracted party , mostly the paladins and the clerics that destroyed his minions ... mix feverishly and you have a GAME! All parties took on heavy casualties with the hearty group of adventurers narrowly escaping death (well most of them at least) and the Lich apparently having a newly controlled "pet" ... escaping to hunt the party once again.

The group has decided to forgo Lich hunting to attack the regrouped orcs who are now assembled en masse at the town proper entrance about 3 blocks north .... the party has discovered an interesting couple tidbits of information as well ..... 1 the orcs seem to be making some headway battling through the evil wall mist that surrounds the area and 2 it seems to be in direct correlation to the amount of acquired gems that are now in their possession. Could this be a coincidence? Is the tide of evils hold in this area becoming weaker? I am not sure as the story is not yet written and the finale yet to be told. Will the bard sing the greatness in story and pass it down from generation to generation or will evil brag of the destruction of the last of the great warriors and plunge the realm into darkness ....

Just over a week left brave SOULS ... what will your outcome be? 


Well folks ... What is it with this group? Why won't they just die? Out numbered , out gunned , out flanked and out side .... faced with 150 orcs - 30 worgs -  two 1/2 giants and 5 giant touched orcs and this misfit band of adventurers still manages to pull off a daring attack routing the orcs and decimating their masses while only allowing 30 or so to escape to outside the mist walls.

Did the group miss their chance to escape?

The orcs did try to make a deal for freedom. Did the inner heroes in them keep them "put" within their confines?

What information will the rescued "Female" concubines relay ? (if any)

What will the turn of events surrounding the group of orc shaman and chieftain firing on and spying on the party foretell?

Our unique Druid has begun hatching a plan against the Aquatic Lich the rage within her has begun to overtake her senses ... What information does the Lich have about her beloved "fathers" grove that is now wracked with evil ...

The party's friendly IMP was accosted by unknown denzins and apparently stripped of all but his earthly  body ... What has happened? Once a favored soul of the gods that have trapped the party here ... now cast away like the souls that have been reaped.

Well the party decided to assault the Lich's underwater lair and plans were progressing fairly well. a attack on the town by undead captured slaves that the party had previously released from the dungeons, stalled the party's forward progress but did give them incentive to move faster. The party found that the town's well gave a direct fissure path to the caldera's lake. The druid "circled danced" the Lich's location and the party began tracking the Evil Denzin down into the water to his home. The pearl ring, air elemental and several water breathing spells were utilized.

Along the way tracking the Lich the party encountered the dragon turtle protecting the entrance to the lair. A long attack against the turtle being assisted by the water elemental(s) ensued. The party working together overcame both enemies and began the lair assault. The Lich had prepared well over the last century, he prepared traps, anti-magic fields and hidden passage ways. The party professionally bypassed most and dealt well with the others. The most problematic issue was the fact that a poison water and inky water with darkness spell was utilized and the party was slowly being con'd to death.

The group defeated the numerous undead and attacked and defeated the Lich. Taking his treasure and the enormous gem being used as a crystal scrying vessel. Upon further investigation the party determined that the "Lich" was an actual body double and now has a 10 min head start on his escape. A hidden passage way underneath his throne. The party decided that retreat might be a better part of valor and swam out of the lair to regroup and rest on the shore.

This is where we pick up the adventure my friends .... 9.5 days left ... tick tock ....

The lich has devised a great plan ... Steal the abused women from the town, including several party members, knock them out and hold them hostage in the twisted druid grove.

the Lich also used the large Pearl scrying gem the party confiscated in the Lichs lair to dimension door all the party's treasure from their bag of holding. The party parlayed with the Lich to gain the freedom of the captured "party" in exchange for his freedom. he offered a safe passage through the wall and left it open for the party to choose to stay or leave. The party freed the women and adventured back toward the monestary.

Our adventurers found their way back to the lower levels of the Keep and battled their way through Trogs and the children of Bobguublitz the evil bloated frog demigod. they found another exit from the underground lair the a forested area outside ... gained 2 new party members sent by the Lady Chauntessa in Cillimar in search of hawkeye and a Old Elf sorcerer that cannot be trusted.

As the party delved deeper into the catacombs they have found a set of stairs that lead further downward into a odd room that houses cultivated Mushrooms and fungi in stone coffers seemingly created from the stone ground itself.  After searching the area the party was attacked by earth Elementals and twisted fungi/wood treants. after their defeat the party was attacked by a entity that would rise from the ground or emerge from the walls to attack. the party perplexed continued to investigate .. they noticed a strange purple vein of crystal along the ceiling that gave off a strange "grow light" effect. The group attacked the crystal to gather it and heard screams in the distance. the mysterious attacks continued from Ceiling, Wall and Floor ... the party kept attacking the deposit until a mysterious figure dropped from inside the crystal to her feet on the floor and pressed her attack against the party. Short work became of the mynad an evil dryad and they continued forward ... finding a large Fungi farm with a compost dung mound to their right , ground water ways along the floor, and a large cistern across the vast hall .....

Investigating the area ... the party is attacked by Mudmen , which proved to be no match for the party's might.The party found that the purple vein of crystal extended into an alcove that seemed to be part of a possible transport portal ... But regrettably the party had 'farmed most of the crystal rendering the portal useless ... the crystals being a "Power" Supply / Key to the portals operation.  Once reopening the portal,  the party crosses the threshold ... ( I do believe the Druid was a instrument in pushing the portal reopening ... with persuasion or was it goading from Gilfaroth) Hoping to find this lost Library ... Once crossing the portal , the party found themselves in a alternate plain ... a druidic plain ... a plain where it is rumored the unicorns go for their last breaths ... their dying days ... to cross the silver bridge into the afterlife.  Time seems to move differently in this plain ... ever forward faster ... every 8 hrs here seems to run a full 24hr cycle ... does it affect the time back home?  Also the party seems to be aging just as fast ... the Portal costing them a year of their life.The party stepped through the portal and began to investigate this "new' plain ... they realized the portal appeared to be "damaged" on this side and not functioning properly ... Scouting the area they discover a small town in the distance that appears to have been possibly razed and is currently burning ... so the group heads off to investigate and is set upon by goblins ... With some pretty good history roles .. and bardic knowledge the guys figure out that there shouldn't be goblins in this Fey Realm. The party really tried to 'bargain' with the goblins to let them be or surrender ... whatever they preferred ... But a venerable goblinoid 1/2 Fire Giantess emerged from the largest of the buildings to parlay with the party. The Bard even offered his "Services" for the friendship / Safe Passage of the group to the giantess ... That peaked her interest into a fornication frenzy against the party ... The party turned the tide against the goblins using .... oh yeah ... teamwork. The adventurers investigated the "house" rather quickly ... but found in the back foyer / back yard a burning pitch pit with another goblinoid 1/2 giant whom they fought for several rounds eventually besting him into his fiery grave with a unique attack of sleet storm and Evards Black Tentacles.
After a slight rest the party moved away from the building and were approached by a Centaur that identified himself as Soras .. a Scout of the Displaced Fey .  he spoke to the party and offered them sanctuary in the fey village ... a very saddening array of tents for these once proud Fey. They Fey appear to have left very rapidly from their living areas to avoid the onslaught of Goblinoids invading the plain. Something appears amiss here but the party plays along to hopefully garner information about the library. The party members except for the Bard and Druid are led into the main tent ... the rest of the party were led into "accommodations that turned out to be a makeshift goblin prison / torture area .  The party was not amused by this turn of events and made plans to be able to escape by disabling the door leading out. The Druid and Bard parlayed with the Fey and found out that Soras was actually the leader of the displaced Fey. After negotiations and proving their good intentions but being mistaken for the adventuring group "The Black Osprey" the party gained the Fey trust and agreed to help the Fey for their freedom, information and an anti-aging potion.
So the party rests for a bit and sets out again .... finding through their travel an human individual hanging from a tree ... rescuing him provoked an attack from goblin wasp riders and goblin wolf riders ... again short work dispatches the goblins .... One Goblin was left alive and used as an informant to show the party the whereabouts of the main goblinoid army invading the druidic plain. So the party let's their new pet lead them out of the valley area .... and into the fire .  The party learns that the Human they rescue is in dire straights and has been severely poisoned and needs to be returned to the Glen to Soras  to be healed .. causing further delays. In the delivery of the Oric the "druid' human the group learns about several small children who were in his charge that have disappeared or wandered off since their transition from the wildwood Forrest ... the party agrees to keep an eye out for the kids in their travel but agrees that Oric might slow them down.  So the party presses forward and finds a wrecked tower inhabited by spiderling folk who attacked the party when they approached too close ... The party was once again victorious but .. found that the children had been here not too long ago ...  but have split up into 3 different directions. ... this is where we have left off .


**** Read the past posts on this meetup here ...[masked]


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  • joseph

    lots of action in this last one, but what is going on back in White Rock? did I hear rumors of destruction? Great job Kevin, you always leave them wanting more.

    April 22, 2013

  • A former member
    A former member

    loved it.. ahh but sad panda.. requirements for sublime cord PrC are one level away..

    The bard says everyone should give kevin 5 stars

    April 22, 2013

  • Adrian

    Great job Kevin.....big battle, stiff times!

    1 · April 22, 2013

  • David B.

    So who can cast magic weapon greater? Us with arrows would appreciate it very much!

    April 16, 2013

    • David B.

      Jim would Nature's Favor work on your wild shape form?­

      April 20, 2013

    • Ben

      No. Druids maintain their original creature type while Wild Shaped. Jim's typical Wild Shape form isn't an animal, anyway..........

      April 21, 2013

  • kyle d.

    sorry i cant make it
    have a good game every one

    April 20, 2013

  • David B.

    Two questions Kevin:
    Do you already have tickets for the pancake breakfast, or should we buy them when we get there?
    Did you get my earlier email?

    April 19, 2013

  • Shaun T.

    Not gonna be able to help you out on Sunday Kevin. Got to deal with stupid people on my crew at work.

    April 17, 2013

  • osrwol1

    Fantasy Grounds II for the next Whiterock Adventure

    For creating your charecter to be imported into Fantasy grounds

    1 · April 7, 2013

    • osrwol1

      like a certain elf perhaps?

      April 10, 2013

    • osrwol1

      Jimmy to temporarily solve the issue ... add the items to your "buff" section. I have an email in to them .. I believe that it may be a licensing issue with WOC right now .. I'll see about hacking the database and adding it in if they don't have a resolution . we're doing a trial and error game here. Supposedly the PCGEN6000 next revision.

      April 10, 2013

  • osrwol1

    @ Jim Schuler: Camera with dual mics ordered .... you will not be getting away that easily

    March 25, 2013

    • A former member
      A former member

      I didn't know orcs where into tentacle henti..

      March 27, 2013

    • Ben

      Don't judge, man....

      March 27, 2013

  • A former member
    A former member

    Talking strategy on the boards.. All members of the campaign expect the GM, invited.[masked]

    March 25, 2013

  • osrwol1

    to all Whitrock-ians: Whiteboard IR pens ordered ... Ceiling clips ordered ... projector mounts ordered .... wii camera clips ordered ... USB Cables ordered ... bring your devices (ie: laptops) we're going both digital and paper/pen for Whiterock's next adventure ...
    Now to both digitally plan the adventure and the Orcish / Goblinoid / Giant onslaught against you ... Good luck, You'll need it.

    I expect all charsheets to be updated and ready to go ... breakfast at 9 am with the Boyscouts at their pancake breakfast ($5.00 donation) Adventure begins promptly afterward at 11am.

    If you attend the Breakfast there will be no club donation ... if you do not attend the breakfast, the $2.00 donation will be required.

    1 · March 25, 2013

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  • osrwol1
    Me! The Organizer-in-Chief .. the CEO of Fun!, Organizer
    Event Host
  • joseph +1
    Head dungeoneer ... At 200 meters no one can hear you scream
  • Ben
    Encyclo-ben-pedia, Assistant Organizer
  • A former member
  • A former member

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