Birmingham, AL

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March 13, 2013

introduce yourself

Like I said before my name is John. I am a bit of an enigma, a nerdy guy with a country side.I am an avid COD fan,I also like most Sci Si stuff such as Firefly,Buffy,Angel,Dollhouse,Supernatural,Star Wars,not a huge fan of Stargate SG1 but it was okay.Have played a lot of D&D in my time.As far as anime goes my experience is limited to Samurai Champloo,Trigun,and some Full Metal Alchemist.I love knockin a few back with like minded people.I also like Trivial Pursuit,Scrabble,and most other games of trivia and I can mix drinking with those games you better believe I will.

What is your favorite geek topic: sci-fi/fantsy, anime, comics, manga, gaming, movies, etc?

Gaming,Sci fi,D&D,some anime but not a lot

Choose one: Kirk or Picard? Jedi or Sith? Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff? Pirate or Ninja?

Picard he was a master strategist.Sith because everyone loves a good villain.Slytherin of course.Ninja no doubt.

Who shot first?

Han shot first.


Hi I'm John and I am 32 years old and still act like a kid.

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