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The term Border Morris originally referred to a collection of individual local dances from villages along the English side of the Wales-England border. This form of dance is now done around the world, with new dances being created regularly. Border is a sub set of a style of dance, Morris dancing, that itself originated in the Cotswold region of England and can be traced back definitely to the time of William Shakespeare. (Some say much earlier) Good old Will S. even mentioned it in some of his plays.

Border Morris is Cotswold Morris Dancing, darker, more primitive, cousin. Whereas Cotswold Morris Dancing is (Usually) done in white kit (Clothing), with dances done with different patterns of stepping, and leaping, that can be accompanied by the rhythmic clashing of sticks, or hand clapping, or the waving of hankies. Cotswold Morris dancers also wear rows of bells attached to "Bell pads" that are fastened around the lower legs of the dancers and emphasize the dancers movements.
Border is stick dances (Yes, there are exceptions, aren't there always?) Most often done in black kit, sometimes with rag vests/coats, smudged faces, and very simple stepping. Border dancers look rougher than their Cotswold counterparts, they shout, yell, and are in general, a good deal rowdier.

Bitter Mash is a testosterone-driven, all Male, Border Morris Team. We think that Border should be simple, energetic, loud, raucous, and a hell of a lot of fun. With our all-girl group of musical thrill makers, The Cock Tails, we look to dance any time, any place. Then- go out, drink- and have some more fun! Border Morris has typically been a Fall/Winter activity here in Minnesota, we aim to make it an all-year-round thing!

How to identify a Bitter Mash Border Dancer;
(All clothing is Black, unless otherwise noted)
Pork Pie Hat (With Feathers, a Death or Glory Badge, and $6 tucked in the hat band)
Tail Coat
Long pants
Big Chunky Shoes/Boots (Good for hard dancing and stomping!)
A single bell-pad mounted Cowbell on one of his legs (Had to go with one because they're were so loud!)
A heavy, 18" bike chain around the neck
A heavy-duty Hickory Sledge handle cut down to 30 inches. (The $6 tucked in the hat band is to pay for sledge handles we break them, and we've broken plenty!)
Faces smudged with each Manics own personal design
Noisy, loud, and having fun

The Cocktails, Our Musicians
Lovely Ladies, in Corsets and Skirts, putting out great music and taking no prisoners!

Our Team Motto;
No Mercy!

BMB membership is by invitation only. If you think you might be interested, either in dancing, playing music, or just watching, please get in touch.

Masher LLewdwellyn
Leader Pro Tem of
Bitter Mash Border

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