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LA.blend Blender Programming Primer Online Hangout

Selected By: JT Nelson

Online @ freenode.net IRC chatroom #lablender

Portland, OR (map)

Selected by: JT Nelson

This is an invitation to other groups in other cities to work with us online remotely learning how to program Blender in Python and its C codebase.

We will be available online in our freenode.net #lablender chatroom to communicate with us. We can also fire up some desktop sharing if needed.

I will be online at 3pm to 9pm but you can show up anytime. This is a freestyle unstructured hangout more for one on one help and group help/collaboration than a beginning to end instruction. I will have material to share and help you with.

We will go over getting you jump started in Python programming and C programming for Blender. We will cover the developer information on the Blender wiki. This includes the Python API and the C code architecture. We will cover what files are where and how to setup a developer environment on your computer.

Feel free to drop in online anytime, you do not have to stay for the whole time. Any time you can come will help. We will be available for a long time so it is easier for people with different schedules to get more info on programming Blender. Also we will brain storm on areas you can help the developers with projects that will be added to Blender. We will also cover developing for your own needs.

We may use Zoom.us for desktop sharing or Google Hangouts. I will post the information on the Los Angeles page in our IRC chat channel #lablender. We will for sure be active on our chat channel. If you do not have a chat client you can use http://webchat.freenode.net.

This is a great opportunity to collaborate or just come online and ask any of your unanswered questions on programming Blender.

Additional information can be found on our physical meeting Meetup Community page event listing: http://www.meetup.com/Blender/Los-Angeles-CA/1090272/­

Selected by: JT Nelson

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