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Young Kingdom Adventures (Mark's AD&D 3.5)

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Post #: 23
“I seek the power to serve you the best, the power to lead my companions to glorious victory in your name. My Queen, grant me any ability to serve you as you see fit.” The Melnibone beseeches the Red Aspect.

The Red Aspect grabs the Melnibone within her claw, she breathes her breath upon him. “Power you seek, power shall you gain, through your successes you shall gain, through your failures you lose much greater. You have power to lead, power to command and you will be able to awaken the power within others in time.”

The Melnibone screams in delight as the power rushes into him, his face distorts from the pain, but it is joyous, the power flowing through him like an endless waterfall. His skin become extremely fair, his hair dread black, black veins can be seen through his thin milky white skin. His eyes pure black with dancing red flames as pupils. His pasty white hands end with short black talons, along with his now overly large mouth lined with black dagger like teeth.

As the Melnibone stands marveling in his new found power the Red Aspect flies off to the Myrhnn home to fulfill the last of the requests made to her.
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Post #: 24
As the Red Aspect arrived at the Myrhnn tree, known in the ancient times as the world tree, there were nearly a thousand Humans from Oin trying to set it ablaze and hack it down. This was futile, as the Red Aspect had tried several times before to do it, mere mortals would not be able accomplish such a task. She landed a distance away for she knew the tree could cause her great damage if she got within the branches reach.

One of the Oin Warlords approached cautiously, ”What can we do for you ancient one? “

The Red Aspect took the form of a battle worn female Oin, dressed in red scale armor with a demon sword on her side. She addressed the Oin leader casually, “I think it may be the other way around, I may be able to help you.”

The Oin Warlord laughed, “With help from the gods there is always a price, there is always something you pompous gods want.”

The Red Aspect held her anger, “Of course, there must be some mutual benefit. Below the tree lies a great treasure, unimaginable wealth hidden over the past 20 millennia, before the time of Dragons, when only the gods walked the lands.”

The Oin Warlord grinned at the fame he would have if he only brought forth a mere handful of such trinkets. “To what aid does a god need of us mortal men?”

“I seek only two things, the first being I can gather one item from the trove, only a single item amongst the many below.” The Red Aspect states plainly.

“And the other?” Demands the Oin Warlord.

“The other, just something I think you will find even trivial, the small winged people you have surrounded in the cave to the west, allow me to speak to them and cause no harm to them.” The Red Aspect spoke with a smile, her cheeks a red hue.

“Great Red God of the Sky I cannot, I have been tasked to eliminate all the winged race in this valley, to leave none alive, to secure their complete extermination from this realm. I cannot go against the contract we are sworn to.” The Oin Warlord stood proud, erect and defiant to the Red Aspect.

“Who do you have the contract with? Maybe I can persuade them to an alternative or amend your contract in your favor of course.” The Red Aspect demanded.

The Oin Warlord took a step toward the Red Aspect and simply said “No.”

Before the word was finished the Oin Warlord’s body guards were withering acidic puddles on the ground. The Red Aspect grabbed the Oin Warlord with ease and was flying straight into the sky above. The Oin Warlord struggled uselessly in the firm grasp of the Queen of Dragons.

“Look below little mortal, can you fly? Do not test me with your little bravado, I have little patience and do you think anything will prevent me from ramming your corpse into the burning tree below. Speak the name on your contract!” The Red Aspect tightened her grasp, the Oin Warlord refused to scream in defiance, as she squeezed tighter the Oin Warlord heard his ribs crack, the pressure was so great one of his eyes popped out of his head and dangled below the socket. Blood began to flow from the seams of his magical armor. The Oin Warlord only had a grimace smile on his face as he died in her grasp.

Frustrated she flew to the west and landed at the smaller camp of a few hundred Oin Warriors. Here another Warlord stood. She approached him in full Dragon form, staring down at him she tossed the dead Warlord at his feet. The Red Aspect looked down upon all the Oin warriors before her. “He had few words to say to me, does anyone wish to speak before death consumes you all?” Her voice echoed in their minds.

The Oin Warlord approached the body of his leader. “What is it that you ask Dragon God.”

“I ask the name of the contract holder. So that we can amend a few things to everyone’s benefit. To include possibly saving your little mortal existence.” The Red Aspect’s voice boomed over the warriors who were assembling in formations.

The Oin Warlord knelt down and removed the symbol of rank from the body of the fallen Warlord. “I now hold the contract Red God. Speak your words.”

The Red Aspect flooded the Oin Warlords mind with words and images of the previous discussion and added more into the pact. One image returned to the Red Aspect, one she knew all too well.

“Let me talk with him and see if he will modify some of the stipulations.” The Red Aspect smiled.
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Post #: 25
The avatar of the Red Aspect arrived at the Unholy Citadel in the form of an undead Queen dressed in sheer red clothing. Her movements were graceful, her smile radiant and a pleasant demeanor over her face. She slowly walked the long hallways within the Temple of Chaos. Looking occasionally out the windows to the wasteland below, the grey and black charred earth smelled of burnt ash in the wind. Thousands of mindless bodies wandering through the ruins could be seen below.

As she approached an ornate door made of bone and lined with skulls a demon stepped before her. “Great God of Chaos, how may I assist you?”

“I come to speak with your want to be lord, Dreadmist.” The Red Aspect playfully explained.

“I am sorry but he asked not to be disturbed Great Chaos Lord.” The Demon humbled explained, bowing before her.

A small imp appeared next to the Demon. “Let her in fool, I am sure my master could use her assistance, make it happen quickly.”

The Demon opened the door at the orders of the tiny imp. The imp flew around the Red Aspect talking into her ear imploring her for any assistance she could aid his master.

The Red Aspect smiled, “Of course little one, let us see how we can help, though if I am able to help, I may call upon you in the future for some task.”

“Of course Queen of the Dragons, of course, I am always will to help those who dwell within the Chaos Realms.” The imp flew around the slowly walking Red Aspect.

Before her she saw Dreadmist, or what remained of him, his living body useless tissue drained of life surrounded by a thin fading mist on the floor, the remains of his essence traveling toward the void.

“This almost seems a fitting end to the manipulator of games would you not say?” The Red Aspect spoke gleefully.

“Helllpp meee.” Dreadmist begged almost inaudibly, weakened and all his magic waning.

“I could help, but there is always a price for the effort of a Chaos Lord.” The Red Aspect calmly stated.

Dreadmist said one word, “Yeess”.

The Queen of Dragons looked back down upon the Oin Warlord below. “Check your contract.”

“Yes, we shall provide food and water for those in the cave and return to the tree at once.” Said the Warlord.

The Queen of Dragons stretched out her wings and flew to the caves where the Myrhnn were huddled in fear of their fate.
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Post #: 26
The Queen of Dragons walk within the cave in the form of a Myrhnn, bright red hued feathers and long rich red hair. Her graceful form drew the attention of everyone within the cavern. She slowly approached the High Priestess of the Myrhnn, nodded in silent acknowledgement of each others prominence.

“One of your daughters asked me to come and speak with you. To help our kind, those who roam the skies, to give guidance, safety and a purpose of focus.” The Red Aspect spoke softly. She saw the turmoil in the eyes of the Priestess, the stress, the loss of words, the vulnerability within her.

“I have lead my people, my children, my entire race to the end of their line. Man is not kind, man is not humane, man is a plague upon this land and all who they encounter. There is no hope, there is no where left to run. Upon our doorstep awaits our doom, even now man comes unafraid of us to eliminate us.” The Myrhnn priestess sheds a tear.

“My lovely kin, we are both one of the skies,” The Red Aspect brushes the tear from her cheek. “ There is much those of us born in the heavens can do.” The Red Aspect gently touches the priestess chest and then her symbol of Eh’Lonna. “Will your goddess not protect you? Will she not send aid to your cause? We born of the skies have been here long before man, far before even the time of the Melnibones. Why are they allowed to survive and my kin is not?”

“I am sure this is a purpose my lady, I am sure there must be something.” The priestess look at the Red Aspect with no hope in her eyes.

The Red Aspect cupped her hands along the priestesses face, “There can be hope, there can be a solution, all is not lost. Through hopelessness we can claw our way out, strike back against man and their beasts, push them beyond the valley, back to their decrepit cities of filth and treachery.” The Red Aspect began talking louder and louder, a crowd was beginning to surround her. “My fellow kin, my sisters of the skies, there is hope, there can be salvation for all of those born in the heavens.”

The crowd was now cheering, nearly a thousand female voices rang out within the cavern. The priestess among them.

“My sisters, take bow, sword, stone and stick, fly with me, strike at the heart of man. Show no fear, show no remorse, show no mercy to the foul creatures encroaching your land!”

Screams of victory tore through the cavern, as the Myrhnn followed the Red winged Myrhnn out of the cavern. The furious Myrnn saw a small group of 100 men approached carrying barrels, nets, spears and other unseen items.

The Red Aspect bellowed, “There! There my kin! Strike mankind down, show them no mercy for they would show you none!”

The Myrhnn swarmed the shocked and unprepared men assigned to bring supplies to the cavern. Hundreds of arrows, rocks and stones struck them. A many were slain before they could form a defense. The Myrhnn rushed them with both swords and sticks. Of the 20 or so men left they easily dispatched a hundred of the Myrhnn.

The Red Aspect cast invisible spells into the men, heating their armor, breaking their weapons and the Myrhnn in a fury of anger and bloodlust rolled over them. Tearing at the humans with their hands, teeth and anything else they could grab to punish these man beings. After 15 minutes of sheer slaughter the 100 men resembled nothing but rotting meat and bone.

The priestess looked upon the Red Myrhnn, ”My sister, I thank you for your words, your encouragement, your guidance. We have struck back at man, though we have lost many of our own.”

“My true sister of the skies, join me and our other kin, use me as you will to help guide you in a new fate, a new beginning in which man will fear us, fear all those of the skies and never, never bring forth their plague upon the new Myrhnn lands.” The Red Aspect spoke loudly, all the Myrhnn screamed in glee at the idea.

The priestess looked among her sisters, no males were left, the few had died in the fighting. “My sisters, my daughters, what do you say, shall we join our kin of the skies!?”

A roaring boom rang out in unison, “YES, to the skies we rule!!” all the Myrhnn proclaimed.

The priestess looked over to the Red Myrhnn, “What must we do?”

The Red Aspect smiled with pride at her fertile sisters, all bearing nearly 100,000 young within a year. “Follow me into the skies, leave everything behind, come with me naked into the skies and be one with your kin.”

The Myrhnn, threw down their weapons, clothes and lastly their symbols of their god, Eh’Lonna, and left them stranded amongst the rotting dead of man.
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Post #: 27
The adventurers exhausted from their ‘gifts’ head north to the Weeping Wastes. There they were to free this Champion of Tikiss and aid him in his quest to recover an ancient artifact. Something called the Eye of the Dragon. John remembers some old legend pertaining to a powerful magical item, but not its design or purpose.

Along their travel they gave the Unholy Citadel a far detour, trying to avoid the attention of those who dwell within its countless spires. The days past quickly as they travel over sea and then over land. As they begin their approach John remembers this area has a powerful anti magic aura extending for miles around it.

They find a small tent city on the edge of the inner wastes and arrange transport on one of the nomads sand skimmers. The sand skimmers are small ships designed to skate on the glassy surface of the wasteland and have sealed cabins to prevent the poisonous dust from harming its passengers.

After another two days of travel on the scorching surface of the wasteland they arrive at the Temple of Law. This 3 sided pyramid stood 99 meters tall and was equal in length. The only entry was at the top of a long staircase rising to the mid section of the pyramid. There were two other ships docked here, small tents were set up outside to allow the crew and passengers relief from the rays of the sun.

After the party waited for nearly an hour to see the priestess of the temple they found her to be unusually playful and brash. Paul took in her beauty and charm, after giving her several generous gifts he left the party to wait in her side chambers with one of her minions. The rest of the party seemed unamused by her antics and asked questions to her she did not seem to know.

The priestess toyed with answers and presented questions of her own to the party. While she rambled on with stories, questions and pointless muses she continually played with a two handed sword nearly twice her size. Her guards around her were large crablike creatures never seen before.

Wes recognized some of the symbols on her sword to be those of the Pentagon. When she was questioned about the sword her mood shifted and the guards approached the party. The party struck out against the guards as Wes charged the priestess. In an instance the priestess laid at the base of her chair, her body split into two separate pieces. The guards opened rifts into another dimension and more guards began to step through.

The guards were slow, but powerful, from the four initial guards there were now eight. Paul easily killed the small minion that was with him and he charged into the main room, fire building within his eyes as rage built up within him.

Wes grabbed the sword the priestess had and power flooded into him. The sword was of his order, the pentagon, though it had a mind and purpose of its own it seemed. Wes struggled for control over the sword as the party began fighting the creatures coming toward them. They all concentrated on one of the crabmen and it finally fell after taking massive damage.

The sword Wes had grabbed took possession over him, he charge forward and struck one of the crabmen, the creature screamed in agony as it crumbled to dust on the floor. Then the sword flew from Wes’s hand striking another 60 feet away, it too scream and was turned to dust. Wes momentarily regained his thought as the sword was in flight. After the creature was slain the sword was back in his hand, struggling to control him again. This time Wes had control over the sword.

The battle was short, seven piles of ash were on the floor and three bodies of the crabmen remained. Gutheul, the sword of the champion, guided the party through the temple to the holding cell where the champion was bound. The guards were quickly dispatched and the champion was freed.
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Post #: 1
A little background for Whodat Daeh (the druid):

When I originally was introduced to the party I had said that I was a bear who could transform into a hooman and I was in search of fame and fortune.

Well this is only partially true.

I was a lone human druid in the Forest of Troos, living my simple life of manipulating the forest to my whims and desires.
When your party destroyed the aspect of Paladini I felt a great shift of balance in the world.
I pondered what it was for a few hours and started to meditate to try to solve this mysterious change in balance.
After a few days of meditating I had learned that your party caused this disturbance, however it was apparent that you had been aided in this journey by a much higher power than yours.

This power called to me, or should I say my greed called me to this power.
So I set out to meet this group of adventurers that was so important to get the attention of such powers.
In hopes that I too may one day catch the eye of such powers.

It was a long journey to catch up to you, but it was an easy trail to follow. All I had to do was follow the trail of death and destruction.
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Post #: 6
The Green essence needs to find a new host.

Folks, I am moving. Moving to the Greensboro area of North Carolina. I will be leaving Tuesday.

It was fun gaming with each of you. I will remain a member of this meetup.


Scott H.
Group Organizer
Sarasota, FL
Post #: 89
Pauls membership will remain on the site until he lets me know he will not be returning, I hope we will see him on some vacation as he has reason to visit us here in Sarasota. Good gamers are hard to find and Paul has been a great friend to play RPG's with and we will miss him and REX.
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Post #: 30
In defense of a City....

As you pass through the portal you are met with the scenes of chaos, clerics running about the main temple floor as military units and supplies are being pushed through another portal. Kurin grabs one of the frantic clerics. “What is all this about, what goes on here?”

The cleric bobbles the scrolls in her possession and states, “Anhur has ordered the clerics and remnants of the city guard to head to Andlermaign with all the supplies they can carry.”

“But why?”

“Anhur did not say why, just to have it done by daybreak today, we are behind since it is approaching noon.” The cleric bows quickly and hurries through the open portal.

“Tobias, we must find out why Anhur has ordered the temple through the portal.” As Kurin turns to face Tobias, he notices the sword begins to glow faintly. “Tobias, your sword, fiends are about.”

Tobias unstraps his great sword from its back scabbard. “By Pelor, we must hurry.”

Taylor scurries down the stairs toward the entrance of the temple, her form shifting slighting as she disappears into the flickering shadows of candlelight.

Tobias hastily heads down the stairs following closely by Kurin. Darius, follows though walking down the stairs with elegant and grace shaking his head ever so slightly.

At the entrance of the Temple, Anhur, the leader of the temple guardians, stands in the center of the great archway of the temple, to each side of him are two other guardians. Anhur with his scimitar and shield out and the other guardians wielding long barbed tip spears. Near their feet are dozens of two headed wolves. Anhur points to the roadway leading to the temple, “Hear comes the last of the citizens, we have to get them through at all costs. None of us leave this doorway.”

Kurin begins casting as many of the temple guardian’s wounds begin to heal.

Anhur turns, “My lord, seek refuge with the others at Andlermaign, we will stay behind and keep the beasts at bay. Their blood will mix with ours as we defend the Temple.”

Tobias walks next to Anhur and looks upon the city of Chalah. “The docks are on fire, Kurin, they’re looting in the main city, troops bearing the banner of Pan Tang and the Purple Towns. As Tobias looks about the landscape he can see hundreds of citizens lying in the streets and alleyways, dead or dying.

“Kirin, we must to something!”

Kurin finishes healing the guardians as he approaches the archway. “We will do what we can.” Surveying the city quickly, he feels not all is lost. As he watches the lead group of citizens approaching the temple, several large two headed dogs burst out of an alleyway and attack the group, city guardsmen engage them immediately, drawing their attention away from the unarmed civilians. Five guardsmen fall instantly to the fierce dogs, while only one of the mongrel’s secom’s to its wounds.

Kirin starts down the stairwell, “AnHur, help them!”

“My Lord Kirin, they are not what worries us.” AnHur lifts his four foot round shield into the air pointing in the distance.

Tobias states, “Look, a winged demon is targeting the front group. Darius, get its attention on us. AnHur, do as Kirin says and assist the remaining civilians to the portal. We will handle this fiend.”

With a nod, the large half-dragon and his fellow guardians sprint toward the fleeing citizens by the roadway yelling back “As you wish, but there is more than just one.”
“Darius, try and bring it near us.” Tobias exclaims.

Darius mutters a few quick words and a flaming sphere shoots skyward at the creature, exploding in a great ball of fire in its path, its leathery wings begin to smoke from the blast. It hovers for a moment, assessing the situation and changes direction, heading straight toward Darius and the temple.

Darius says, “Well, I got its attention, now what?”

“I’ll do the rest” Tobias walks down the stairs, stepping over both fallen guards and mongrels. “Come to me! Let Pelor’s might strike a blow to send you back to the depths of hell where you belong!”

A two headed dog stalks into the temple while another stalks toward Tobias and his group unnoticed.

The wing fiend dives from the sky attempting to strike Tobias in a quick pass. Tobias parries its spear, though missing any attempt to strike it. Darius murmurs and several quick flashes dart up striking the beast in its hind quarters. “Let’s see if he is prideful.”

The beast swoops down again, Tobias again as his intended target, Tobias prepares to strike as it passes this time. The fiend’s long spiny spear strikes Tobias first, the thick bone spear pierces the thick shoulder plate, its glancing blow causing a deep bruise and light wound. Taking the creatures strike allowed Tobias to strike home with a blow of his own. His sword hit with ferocity, the crunching of bones and tearing of leather is heard loudly around the hill top. The screeches as it spirals into the ground behind them, its wing mangled and shattered from the blow. It stands quickly folding its good wing behind itself and agonizingly attempts to fold its right wing without success.

As Darius begins to cast another spell, utter silence erupts, the creature with almost blinding speed charges piercing Tobias in the side with its spear. Tobias winces with pain as he hears one of his ribs break and he can feel blood flowing freely down his side. Tobias grabs the spear stepping toward the beast flips it over his shoulder onto its back. The beast racks his back as it is flung effortlessly to the ground. Tobias strikes downward with his great sword, splinters of rock and dirt fly into the air from the impact, but the creature rolls easily to safety. The energy of Pelor enters his body healing most of his injuries.

The beast again charges, Tobias sidesteps and swings his mighty blade low. His blade hesitates for a moment as it slices through both knees, collapsing the beast in a heap on the ground flailing wildly at anything near it. As Tobias steps toward it, he removes the helpless wing from it and places a plated boot on the creatures back. “No mercy to one with no hope of redemption.” With a single quick strike from his sword, Tobias removes the beasts head.

While attempting to heal the remaining wounds on Tobias, a two headed mongrel leaps from the shadows knocking Kurin to the ground. The beasts lays atop him. blood is everywhere, but Kurin feels no pain, no injuries, the wolf is not moving. Taylor walks up to Kurin’s side stating, “Well, I’m good for something at times it seems.” She giggles as she skips toward the temple stairs and fades away.
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Post #: 31
As the group returns to the temple to oversee the evacuation another fiend approaches, this one is much larger than the first. It towers over the guards as it bats them aside like rodents. Its eyes fixed upon the demon slayer and its wielder. Arrows bounce off its thick spiny back as archers on the temple balcony attempt to bring it down before reaching the temple.

Tobias moves to the forefront, his great sword at the ready. Fighting the first demon was bad enough, now another appears. “Pelor guide my hand, strike this fiend down and return him to his nether existence!” You charge the 2nd Demon as it swoops in on the fleeing masses. Blood still flowing from your side from a deep wound the previous fiend impaled on you. The energy of Pelor rushes through your body healing most of your wounds. Your bleeding subsides as you once again face a terrible foe.

You parry the beast’s first blow, his swords patina blade clashes with yours and sparks fly. The muscles in your arms and back strain to hold his weapon at bay. The creature’s orange and yellow eyes stare through you as its free clawed hand digs into your open wound; blood begins to flow freely from it once again. You grind your teeth, holding in your screams, focusing your attention on the beast’s seven inch teeth inside its massive jaws. The creature’s massive frame dwarf’s your six foot muscular build standing nearly twice you height.

The fiend’s tail whips about in the air and flicks tiny barbs at your exposed face. You deftly spin to the beast left side, avoiding the barbs and strike the beast’s right thigh. Your blade easily filet back the beast’s flesh. Your blade stops abruptly as it strikes deep into the creature’s bone. Black blood oozes from the wound like molasses, as you jerk your blade back to defend yourself against the next assault the putrid stench of the beast’s blood fills your senses. You sword glows slightly and seems to pulse with excitement at the crippling wound you caused.

You hear the crackling of magic in air behind you. Eruptions of small flares dance across the mammoth creature; you see small welts appear on the creatures head and chest. The beast momentarily distracted, you gain the advantage you shift your stance and strike deep into the fiend’s right side. Your two handed blow snaps the creature’s ribs with a sound of thick branches of a tree snapping in a cold winter. The massive beast steps back grabbing at the nearly three foot gapping wound. Another punishing blow to the beast, both of your blows would have easily cleave a man or even a horse in two, yet this fiend still stands ready to fight. Flames erupt around you; the heat resonates off your armor and sucks the air from around you. The fiend howls in pain as flames dance across its body, burning and charring its course knobby skin. You look back and see Taylor appear from nowhere and strikes at the fiend. Not even being as tall as the creature’s knee, her targets of opportunity was limited. She slips the fine tip of her daggers blade into the beast’s right ankle. She twists the blade upward and grabs it with both hands. The beast looks quickly down at the small girl, its face still smoldering from the blast of arcane fire. Taylor stands on the tip of her toes and with all her strength and weight she hears the joint pop. The beast howls in agony as Taylor deftly slices the tendons around the ankle and finishes her movement by severing the beast’s double Achilles tendon. The beast stumbles but catches itself by slamming its blade deep into the marble floor, bits of iron flake flutters to the ground. Before Taylor can jump back out of sight the beast flicks its tail striking her across the face and chest. She flies through the air 30 feet and crashes into the fleeing mob and lays motionless as the crowd tramples past.

The once superior foe strikes you with the back of its hand, even crippled, its blow hits like a cavalry charge cutting a deep crease in your right check. You take a couple of steps back stunned. Your eyes regain focus quickly as you again feel the energy of Pelor enveloping you body and soul, your aches and pains subside for the moment. You strike at the fiend and easily it knocks your blade to the side with the back of its thickly scaled forearm. Lightning skitters across the ground around you and the beast, shocking and burning the legs of the beast. Its sword acting as a focal point, lighting travels the length of its blade, charring its hand it continues up its arm and burst skyward out of its pointed bone shoulder. It lets go of its sword, but too late, two of its four talons crumble as the flesh around it peels backward to its hand exposing soft meaty flesh under its scales.

Another flick of its tail and more spines fly toward you. You block the feeble attack with you sword, deflecting them harmlessly to the ground. The creature glances behind you, deep purple and red flames erupt around your comrades, Kurin is engulfed in the demon, burning the young mans tabard, scorching his armor. Darius apparently untouched but the flames makes a simple gesture with his hand and the flames flicker out.
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