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Do we have a free will?

Does it matter? People seem to be driven mostly by instincts, hormones, and emotions anyway....

Are you religious, agnostic, atheistic etc? What do you believe? A) How does your belief shape your world/philosophical view? B) How do you view scripture/revelation? C) What is your opinion on evolution?

Godless, rational, scientific thinker. A) I don't have set in stone beliefs. All of my temporary, probabilistic beliefs are subject to change given new information B) Great way to control people, but a huge obstacle in the way of progress C) Best explanation we have so far for how life develops through different stages over time. Is it a perfect theory? No, nothing is. But it beats the hell out of fairy tales pulled out of "where the sun don't shine."

Do the ends justify the means? If yes, why? If not, why not?

Depends on the ends and depends on the means. For example, if I have to lock you up in a room for a few days/weeks (and treat you) so you don't go hurt yourself, the seemingly negative means (deprivation of freedom) *may* actually justify the end. It can be a major slippery slope, though... Things are more complicated than they appear...there are always multiple factors to consider.

What is your political orientation (far left, left, center, right, far right…libertarian, apolitical etc.)

I don't follow any given herd. I generally think outside the box.

Have you ever stabbed somebody with a fork just because he/she didn’t agree with you?

Does sticking it "where the sun don't shine" (also known as "the land of the never-rising sun") count as stabbing? Or would that technically be impaling? ;) In all Disagreements should be resolved using logic and reason. There is usually a "most probable" explanation for things given the information we have on hand (subject to change, obviously, as new information becomes available). Disagreements, ideally, shouldn't last long as long as one grows a brain, gets rid of personal issues, and looks at the available information objectively/rationally.


Entirely uninteresting person.

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