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November 5, 2013

Do we have a free will?

What a question! Yes, I am free within what I believe to do as I will. Of course, how I was socialized and brought up, the classes I've taken, the books I've read and a lot more influence those decisions and consequently curb my freedom. However, knowing that these restrictions play a huge part in my decision-making and opinion-forming processes, allows me a greater amount of freedom than those who would be otherwise oblivious to such influences.

Are you religious, agnostic, atheistic etc? What do you believe? A) How does your belief shape your world/philosophical view? B) How do you view scripture/revelation? C) What is your opinion on evolution?

I am not religious, but I am spiritual. I believe that trying to understand where everything came from is a fat waste of time as it is unknowable. As such, I focus more on the present and the knowable past to anticipate the future. A) I believe that we (humanity) are all in it together, and as soon as we disregard the fictions of nation-states and race, we'll be a lot better off for it. B) I think the scriptures of the world's religions is like a finger pointing to the moon. Too often people focus on the finger and miss out on all that heavenly beauty. C) Everything is evolving. Skin color is a great example of how the peoples of the world have evolved from living in high radiation areas, like Africa, to low radiation zones, like Europe.

Do the ends justify the means? If yes, why? If not, why not?

No, never. The ends will always hold within them the factors which led to them. If an end seems positive, like peace for example, but is brought about through armed conflict, then what you have is not really peace; it's a cease fire because one side could not continue the conflict.

What is your political orientation (far left, left, center, right, far right…libertarian, apolitical etc.)

I can't stand the political spectrum. Saying that one person is left or right immediately makes people associate ideas and ascribe agendas to those who would identify themselves as one or the other. As such, good ideas and great leaders are passed up because conventional thought tries to compartmentalize them in such terms.

Have you ever stabbed somebody with a fork just because he/she didn’t agree with you?

Not yet...



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