Boomertyme Group Update

From: DennisandEllen
Sent on: Monday, September 26, 2011 6:58 AM

Thanks to all of those that made it to our back deck party, it was a great time. Unfortunately again we had about 50% no-show, sad when we opened our house to the group. For the no-shows, that is just poor manners, something that very much offends us.


NO-SHOWS: Because of this being a common problem we have a new no-show policy. The new no-show policy is: if you have three no-shows in six months you will be removed from the group. If the event is a limited attendance event and is filled with 24 hours to go, any RSVP changes to No in the last 24 hours will be treated as a no-show. It takes only a minute to change your RSVP, please do it.


NAME CHANGE: The name change from Boomertyme to Boomertyme – Gen-x, We have done so to focus more on the group that actually show up for the events. We have found that most the regulars are 25-45, so we will focus on that group.


GUESTS: Your guests are welcome at our events. When you sign-up for the event please post their name on the notes under your sign-up. That way we can get them a name tag and they can feel welcome. EVERY event we post I always need to email asking what the guests name is? Then when I make up name-tags I have to go through ALL my email to try to link up guests names. Make it easier for me and just post the name on your RSVP. We think personalized name-tags are very important to a successful event.


YOUR EMAIL: We have had a number of people with spam issues in receiving our emails. You can get a free junk email account at: Yahoo, Gmail and many others, we have several, you should probably do so too. In the future we will not do second & third emails to people, just to get past their email filters.


FYI EVENTS: If you have an event that you think may be of interest to the group we can create a FYI event. You can set-up the event or we can, just email us. What a FYI event means is this sounds interesting, but there will be no formal group. By signing up you can use the bulletin board to get a group together at the event.


BECOMING AN ORGANIZER: If you want to become an organizer all you have to do is ask. Ellen & I will help you anyway we can and try to attend your event for support.


SUGGESTING EVENTS: We are always interested in going to new places, if you know of some place we should go, email us about the event and we’ll try to get a group there. Ellen and I ALWAYS go to a place first to make sure our event have no issues.


EVENTS WE LIKE: Every month between our three groups we try to have: a brewery tour, a winery tour, a wine tasting at someone’s place and something else interesting. We also like to do an edgy, “things you’d never do alone event” every quarter.  We try to have events that are free or under $10 each… it’s not cheap to get through the day in these fun times. We are not really into bar meets and later night events, there are other groups that do those.


OUR EVENTS: At our events you will find a number of things in common. First we will always have name-tags for you and your guests. Second we will always have a reserved area just for our group. Third we will always have sign and possibly a balloon so you can find our group. And Ellen and I will try to talk to everyone at our events. Things we feel no other event host does.


GROWING THE GROUP: We have looked at our group and know that on a typical event, with exception to the couples, typically we have about four ladies for every guy. We hope by the end of the year to be more of a 50/50 group by adding more guys. Please welcome the new members.


CLEANING UP THE GROUP:  We are in the process of removing the people that never sign-up or show up to an event. We are also less than impressed with people that have a ton of groups. We removed a regular no-show today that was a member of 150 groups.


NEW MEMBERS: We are now personally approving any new members to help get a better group. We like to add new members that seem to compliment the regular attendees to our groups.


We are run three groups that cost us to run every event, yet we have never charged a penny to anyone. We don’t ask for much, just respect and good manners, so we can all have a good time.


If you have any questions, get a hold of us.


Dennis & Ellen

[address removed] 

Facebook: Boomer Tyme

Twitter: Boomertyme


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