Recap of meeting. Thanks to all who made it out!

From: Dru S.
Sent on: Wednesday, December 9, 2009 3:17 PM
Greetings Boosters

So glad a few of us made it out to Boost last week through that terrible storm. I blame the storm for our numbers being down a bit.

I want to give a quick recap from my perspective on the meeting. Chuck Blakeman literally sat down with us and got into the down and dirty of what he sees makes business truly work and truly be mature. He defines a mature business simply as one that makes you money while on vacation. The average model is one that loses money (stops drawing money) while we are on vacation because our hours are distracted by the fun and relaxation. Chuck says that this is average but not normal. Normal procession is to maturity. He broke down the progression into seven business steps. The last three stages were colored green for maturity. The first four constitute what Chuck calls a treadmill. We all resonated with that feeling of cycling through survival, sustainability and security, through market/market/market and deliver/deliver/deliver. Most businesses stay on that treadmill and that is what we shoot for and think is normal. Chuck says, no, like children, businesses are meant to grow up and then enter society as productive members and not forever be consuming leeches. Was that too graphic? Not Chuck?s words.

Shoot, I cannot express it as well as Chuck did, but I am trying, because I want you to benefit from the thinking.

A big a-ha connection was for me the thought that the ?survival? stage was healthy and necessary for growth. Seldom do we want to admit that we have struggle areas. But growth will always require loss in order to be replaced by smarter, more productive things. I really like the illustration of a soccer match versus a football game. American football is so... American. It is measured in a progress towards the end zone. We get that and expect that. Soccer (called football by most of the world) is mystifying to watch. They are constantly passing the ball in the ?wrong? direction. Life is more like soccer. We have setbacks, but we use them to be smarter the next time. And sometimes it is smarter to purposely step back.

Did that make any sense?

I?d love to hear your thoughts regarding any of this so we an all benefit from entertaining different/better thought that will translate into smarter business.

If you didn?t make it out this month, focus on next month. With the new year we?ll change things up with frequency and timing. We may move to the 2nd and 4th Wednesday and/or earlier. Toast has a standing 1st/3rd meeting in ?our? room at 8am on Wednesdays. I?m also thinking about some exciting things for the new year. Stay tuned for the new speakers/events.

Abundance one and all!


Dru Shockley
Focus on the Vine
[address removed]

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