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Upon joining the DFW Area Australian Shepherd/ Border Collie Meetup Group, I immediately received an e-mail about the discussion post on "Questionable Temperament". This post did indeed sound needed, but very intimidating for a first time dog owner like myself!

With all the reading I've been doing on Aussies, I keep finding articles or chapters in books that say Aussies are very timid among meeting someone for the first time. However, this is not true with my 5 month old pup! When we get to the dog park here in Denton, she will run up to the first person she sees, if they are sitting, jump in their lap to say hi, and then proceed to chase around usually the biggest, scariest dogs in the park!

I'm curious to if this is just a puppy stage she is still enduring? Or if maybe she just has a different temperament? I don't encourage her to jump on anyone, or myself. Usually I'll clap which will get her attention and then say good girl when she stops.

We have the same problem on the leash. If I'm holding treats she will generally not try to kill herself to go say hi to someone else or another dog. But if we've just started out on our walk (with no treats) she will pull and pull even if we are going the other direction to get away from the other person/pet!

Any advice/comments are very much appreciated!

I've only had her for a month now, she lived with the breeder until she was 4 months. It was out in the country and she was used to running around a lot. We still get plenty of exercise now. We'll walk a couple of miles a day, go to the dog park when I'm ready to endure some embarrassment, and have regular 15 minute training sessions twice a day. I would say she's adjusted amazingly to her new lifestyle. She's great at learning with what I am training her as well.

My only concern is going to one of y'all's meet-ups and it being a disaster! I don't know the best way to train her to listen to me when other dogs/people are in sight, and to not be so overwhelming among first introductions!
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Jennifer (and all)

I certainly don't want you to be intimidated to come out to the meetups. These get togethers are for the dogs. FRIENDLY dogs. I would catagorize your dog as friendly so please don't worry.

First let me address Debby's post regarding the "snarky" dog and the way the owner handled the dog.

We want this group to be fun for ALL. We want dogs that can get along. If your dog has "issues" with other dogs or people, then this is not the place to bring them.

It sounds like the dog in question wasn't having the best of time AND they were making the other dogs day not so nice too. The "snarky" dog probably was a bit overwhelmed with all the other dogs. It is not good for THAT dog to be in this environment. The problem needs to be worked on in a much smaller scale.

No dog needs to PRACTICE bad behavior of any sort.

Force and a heavy hand is not needed with those types of dogs. The other dogs also need to be able to back off of another dog if told to also.

If you have any questions as to whether to bring your dog, please email me (Paula). If you need help with working with your dog around other dogs, please email me (Paula).

In the future, I will ask the people that would like to join our group if their dog's are friendly with other dogs and will "play nice".

To summarize:

This group should be fun for ALL of the dogs. We do want the dogs to run and play and have a great time buring off energy.

If your dog can't tolerate being in the same area as other dogs, do not bring them. (it won't be fun for them anyway)

If there is a "nice" dog minding their own business and your dog keeps harassing them, that is not cool either.

DO NOT let your dog practice bad behavior of any sort. No "bugging" other dogs, No "humping" other dogs, etc.

If your dog is acting inappropriately, please leash them so they can't continue the bad behavior. If you stop them from the bad behavior each and every time, they will get the picture and learn to play nice.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please email me at .

NOW - go play nice!
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