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From: paul
Sent on: Saturday, February 28, 2009 5:32 PM

i was hanging at toad on thursday night, there for the early show to see melvern taylor and his fabulous meltones. (link to the calendar entry: Mel and the Boys). they were great, btw.

toad's a great place to see a show --it has a nice vibe, they get great artists, and, god bless them, they have boddington's on tap-- but like some of my other favorite venues (e.g., the plough & stars), it's small, so i've been reluctant to schedule a meetup there.

however, on thursday night i ran into two other boston live music members, ellen and karen. i hadn't met either ellen or karen before, but ellen actually recognized me from my meetup photo. (a photo, btw, that i think is hideous, so this was, you know, depressing.)

anyway, putting my vanity aside for a moment: ellen mentioned that she will often want to go see a particular local show, but if none of her friends are available, she's reluctant to go alone. other members have mentioned this to me as well. (i'd rather not go it alone either, but now that people are recognizing me from my hideous meetup photo, well, it's not so bad.)

we kicked this around a bit and i resolved to write this note, offering some pointers on how you can 'get the word out' if just want to let other members know when you're checking out a particular band and venue.

i'll also point you to the group's message board, something that i suspect most meetup groups underutilize, but some of our members have used it to good effect, i think. (well, jeff and lee have been very good about using it.)

also, we (the organizers) often just post a 'calendar note' for shows we think are interesting, but for which we're not scheduling a meetup. the calendar is another good group resource that's probably underused.

Getting the word out: email, message board, and Pinging The Organizers

if you're heading out to a show and you'd like to let other members know you'll be there, there are a few ways to do that.

one way is to simply send an email to our [address removed] mailing list. you'll have to send the email from the email address you use for, but otherwise there are apparently no restrictions on doing this. (so be Nice.)

you can also go to the message board and post a message there. if you're interested in using the message board, i recommend that you also click the 'Track this message board' link to get a daily email digest of any message board updates.

and of course you can also send email to the group's organizers. please let us know if you'd like us to schedule a meetup for your favorite band (or your band!), or if you'd like us to post a calendar note, or just to make suggestions or rant at us. (actually, please rant at tim. tim likes rants.)

i don't schedule meetups unless i can attend, but we all really like supporting our local artists, so let us know and we'll make sure the word gets out.

in addition, from now on i'll send a brief email when i post something to the calendar, just to make sure everyone is aware of it. and in the near future i'll actually try scheduling a meetup for toad and we'll see how it goes.

note: if you visit the meetup home page, you'll see three columns: Other nearby Meetup Groups, Your Meetup Groups, and Your Meetups. the 'Your Meetups' column is particularly useful as it shows upcoming Meetups for all of your Meetup groups. (ideally, i'd like to see this sort of info presented as a calendar. i've looked at the Meetup API with the idea of doing that as a mashup, but i don't know if the API is sufficient yet. maybe in my copious free time....)

please feel free to email me at [address removed] at anytime with questions, concerns, and like that. i'll almost always answer very quickly, then again later to say what i really meant to say....


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