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Suggested Links: Sites, Videos, etc.

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If you have sites or video links you'd like to share, please post your link suggestions that pertain to any of the cognitive sciences, physiology, psychology, notions of consciousness, or any subtopic mentioned in our introduction found in the "Pages" section.

Please be sure to include a title and a few sentences of description on what the recommendation is about or why you recommend it so that people can grasp an incentive to read it.

Your contributions to the group are appreciated!
Karl S.
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Northridge, CA
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Complementarity of Mind and Body

Cartesian dualism is revisited in a new book titled "Complementarity of Mind and Body: Realizing the Dream of Descartes, Einstein and Eccles", published by Nova Publishers and described on their website at www.novapublishers.com­. The book can be purchased at a considerably lower price at Amazon.com

Book Description:

"The noetic model is the first theory of any kind to explain qualia in physical terms. The formal delineation of the life principle or elan vital explains not only the origin of self-organisation in living systems, providing the basis for the first comprehensive dualist theory, but also is what makes the model empirically testable allowing this volume to make history. The floodgates are about to open to almost unimaginable advances in the field of consciousness studies. This book introduces a comprehensive empirically testable model of dualism-interactionism to legitimise the interactionist model at a level tantamount to any other avenue of epistemological investigation."

This volume is a collection of chapters by various authors and edited by Richard Amoroso. Chapter 1 is by Nobel Prize winner Karl Pribram. Chapter 9 is by our own Meetup Organizer Karl Simanonok.

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Santa Monica, CA
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Our two upcoming lectures are sponsored by the Skeptics Society at Caltech which is run by Dr. Michael Shermer. The Skeptics Society website looks like it might interest many of our science-minded members:


From their "About" page:
"The Skeptics Society is a scientific and educational organization of scholars, scientists, historians, magicians, professors and teachers, and anyone curious about controversial ideas, extraordinary claims, revolutionary ideas, and the promotion of science. Our mission is to serve as an educational tool for those seeking clarification and viewpoints on those controversial ideas and claims.

Under the direction of Dr. Michael Shermer, the Society engages in discussions with leading experts and investigates fringe science and paranormal claims. It is our hope that our efforts go a long way in promoting critical thinking and lifelong inquisitiveness in all individuals."

They have a free Reading Room where you can search any topic you wish to research:
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This is a fun picture article on brain foods from MedineNet.com.

This is also another fun picture article on healthy foods that look like the body part they are good for:
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The Hidden Power of Smiling: the science behind smiling… it’s good for your health!

Here’s another informative and entertaining video (7.26 min.) from the inspiring idea-oriented website, Ted.com, by Ron Gutman, founder and CEO of HealthTap, who reviews a raft of studies about smiling, and reveals some surprising results. Did you know your smile can be a predictor of how long you'll live -- and that a simple smile has a measurable effect on your overall well-being? Prepare to flex a few facial muscles as you learn more about this evolutionarily contagious behavior.

Ron Gutman is the founder and CEO of HealthTap, https://www.healthtap...­, responsible for the company's innovation, vision and product. Before this, he was founder and CEO of Wellsphere, an online consumer health company that developed the world's largest community of independent health writers; it was acquired in early 2009.

As a graduate student at Stanford, Gutman organized and led a multidisciplinary group of faculty and graduate students from the schools of Engineering, Medicine, Business, Psychology and Law to conduct research in personalized health and to design ways to help people live healthier, happier lives. He is an angel investor and advisor to health and technology companies such as Rock Health (the first Interactive Health Incubator) and Harvard Medical School's SMArt Initiative ("Substitutable Medical Apps, reusable technologies"). He's the organizer of TEDxSiliconValley.
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Santa Monica, CA
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Opti-genetics: A light switch for neurons. Brain disorders: inserting genes into brain cells that cured mice of PTSD and blindness.

Take a look at this video (18.24 min.) on the wonderful idea-oriented Ted.com website by Ed Boyden, Ph.D. who, in his quest for cures for brain disorders, shows how, by inserting genes for light-sensitive protein into brain cells, he can selectively activate or de-activate specific neurons with fiber-optic implants. With this unprecedented level of control, he's managed to cure mice of analogs of PTSD and certain forms of blindness. On the horizon: neural prosthetics. Session host Juan Enriquez leads a brief post-talk Q&A.

About Ed Boyden:
At the MIT Media Lab, Ed Boyden leads the Synthetic Neurobiology Group http://syntheticneuro...­, which invents technologies to reveal how cognition and emotion arise from brain networks -- and to enable systematic repair of disorders such as epilepsy and PTSD.

Working with an extraordinary array of tools -- from 3-D printers to lasers to flasks of algae -- Ed Boyden is creating new brains. A pioneer in the field of optogenetics, he is the founder and principal investigator of the synthetic neurobiology group at MIT.

Using a combination of lasers and genetic engineering, he implants brains with optical fibers that allow him to activate special proteins in specific neurons and see their connections. In addition to helping create detailed maps of brain circuitry, the engineering of these cells has been used to cure blindness in mice, and could point the way to cures for Parkinsons or Alzheimers, or to ways of connecting to the brain via prosthetics.

"Boyden was borrowing genes from the algae he was holding in the green flask. If he succeeds, people will become part machine, and part algae too."
--Carl Zimmer, Scientific American
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Free Podcasts at Neuroscene.com

Be sure to click on their homesite page at http://intrepidinsigh...­ to subscribe in various ways including iTunes.

To view their archive of many intersting podcasts, visit http://intrepidinsigh...­

Some interesting podcasts:

Panic attacks: http://intrepidinsigh...­

Depression: http://intrepidinsigh...­

http://neuroscene.com...­ "NeuroScene, Exploring the Future of NeuroScience." This particular lecture is on the neuroscience of Culture featuring Dr. Nalini Ambady, one of the leading scientists on Cultural Neuroscience.

Suggested by our member, Steven Kassel, MFT, http://www.kassel.us/...­

Thanks Steve for this cool hook-up.
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Los Angeles, CA
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At Allied Medical, our clinic is built around your best interest. Because of our relentless commitment to your care and to remain the best in our industry, we have integrated multiple discipline of practice to treat your pain including physical medicine, sport injury care, chiropractic, and pain management.your source of pain.
you can visit our http://www.alliedmedi...­ website.
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Caltech Watson Lecture Series Podcasts free at iTunes:

Named for the late Earnest C. Watson, who founded the series in 1922, these lectures feature speakers from Caltech and JPL, speaking on cutting-edge research taking place at Caltech. (HD version is for large screen displays. SD version is for iPod and iPad devices.)

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