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August 1, 2014

Who is your favorite pony?

Pinkie Pie. She's an expert at socialization. (you think it's coincidence she's friends with EVERYPONY in town?) Her energy is something to admire. She's a very positive thinker, and just seems like she'd generally be the most enjoyable to be around. I think the cannon definitely can get lazy in portraying her to be an "airhead" and "comic relief pony", but I think she's definitely got more to her than that, and her personality/character is the most admirable. If you have to choose just one trait, positivity or "optimism" is the one that'll benefit you most, I believe.

What is your favorite episode?

I guess.... "A Friend in Deed". I'm not certain, but I suppose this is my favorite. It has the smile song, it shows just what lengths pinkie would go to, to make someone happy. It addresses the fact that she may have just a bit of a problem herself with not always being able to read people perfectly. And uh... you know, just a good "pinkie episode".

What is your favorite thing about the show?

It's light-hearted and cheery. And to some extent, it portrays the best of humanity. Yes, these may be ponies, but let's face it: They're basically human. They have our culture (it's very similar), they have our language, they have many of the same facial expressions and mannerisms. Really, when you REALLY look at it, their bodies are about the only thing that isn't human. That, and the lack of SERIOUS conflict in their world. The plot point in the show is always some little problem, never anything like the real problems of the real world. So to re-state: I think they represent the best of humanity. All of our best traits, with none of our severe downfalls.


I'm a 20 year old student. I'm not going to college at the moment, my training is informal. I'm going into Linux System Administration. I'm into computers, ponies, and lately, personal fitness.


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