Rytex (Trey B.


Carrollton, TX

Member since:

September 15, 2012


Who is your favorite pony?

Best Pony - Derpy Hooves Best Princess - Princess Luna/Twilight Sparkle Best Mane 6 - Twilight Sparkle Best CMC - Scootaloo Best Secondary Character - Big Macintosh Best Antagonist - Tirek Worst Pony - Gilda/Diamond Tiara

What is your favorite episode?

1. Keep Calm and Flutter On 2. Luna Eclipsed 3. Twilight's Kingdom 4. A Canterlot Wedding 5. Castle-mania HMs: Magical Mystery Cure, Wonderbolts Academy, Feeling Pinkie Keen, It's About Time Worst: Spike At Your Service

What is your favorite thing about the show?

About the show? Characters. About MLPFiM in general? The fandom's habit of coming together to make things happen, be it for charity or other things. The thing I wish we would figure out is there's more to life than MLP, so we need to stop acting as though it's all that's there.


Hello all! I am known around these parts as Rytex. I attend Midwestern State University, where I and a few friends are trying to legitimately make a brony student organization. Just your typical run-of-the-mill snarky CS-coding brony, I guess.

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