David S.


Denton, TX
Hometown: Denton, TX

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February 5, 2013

Who is your favorite pony?

Fluttershy: because she is sweet, gentle, kind, feminine, and has an innocent heart. I wish more women were like her today. Rainbow Dash: because she is awesome, fast, brave, and lively. I really like her voice and laugh. Applejack: because she is down-to-earth, simple, and family-oriented. She also has traits that are valued in real-life women. Luna: because she is misunderstood, her punishment was too severe (a Thousand Years even though she didn't kill anypony?) Celestia's Little sister, not even fully grown (according to Lauren Faust)...was banished to Solitary Confinement...I'm surprised Luna did not go completely insane. Why not a prison on Earth? Anyway, Luna was very nice, once Twilight Sparkle got through to her. She just wanted "love and admiration"...and she didn't even know what fun was...how sad. She was instantly repentant and asked for Celestia's forgiveness IMMEDIATELY after the Elements of Harmony. So, were 1000 years really necessary?

What is your favorite episode?

Luna Eclipsed, The Ticket Master

What is your favorite thing about the show?

My favorite things about the show are the art, values, and characters. The concept is innovative and allows a more broad demographic of both genders to enjoy the show. And yet, the target demographic does not suffer. The characters are relate-able, realistic for a cartoon, and the show is understandable. From a business point of view, it is more marketable and obviously more successful. It relieves stress, and I've heard it greatly helps people with autism and Asperger syndrome because it teaches social cues and dynamics which would otherwise be impossible to learn. People hate and bash Bronies, yet it is somehow "completely fine," "normal," & "cool" to watch pornography and shows like 'Jersey Shore', 'Shameless', and other amoral "entertainment" avenues. It is "wrong," "homosexual," & "harmful" for men to watch My Little Pony and yet "OKAY" to watch 'Hostel,' 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre,' and movies where women are violently hurt and killed. Right is Wrong and Wrong is 'Right'.


Good Afternoon Everypony! I'm glad that there is a Brony group in North Texas. I look forward to meeting more with the same interestes. I can't wait until BronyFest 2013 in Lewisville!!

What David S. is saying about this Meetup Group

I was happy to see so many men and women with like-interests. I wonder why there were not more female fans. I was happy that there was harmony amongst us. The group is awesome! I am proud to be a Brony. Thank you all for making this possible.

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