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A how to guide to make life size pony cut outs!

Victor D.
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Norwalk, CA
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This is Celestia that was put together by a fantastic group at a recent meetup.­

Want a life size pony cut out? Here's how to make one!

-This is a guide in progress. It will be updated every so often.
So you want to make a life size pony cut out(s)?

Here's What you will need.

- Paper
- Printer Ink
- Printer
- Programs
- Foam Board, Cardboard or any thick board.
- Spray adhesive or Glue Sticks
- X-acto Knife
- Tape - preferably clear packaging tape
- Safety pins (optional)
- Determination

OPTION 1 "Make life size pony cutouts with what you got"

1. Your current printer -current ink- With letter size paper (8.5X11)

2. The program you will need is
- Adobe photoshop (any version) for resizing, scaling and pixel ratio.
- Adobe Illustrator (any version) for printing in Tile Printing.

OR the free alternatives

- Gimp in place of Adobe Photoshop
- Posteriza or instead of Adobe Illustrator

3. Foam board for making the backbone of the cut out. Dollar Tree has them for $1 each.
OR Cardboard or whatever you want to glue your pony prints on.

4. Spray adhesive - to apply the sticky stuff evenly for the best result.
Glue Stick - to apply on edges hard to reach corners on paper.

5. Xacto Knife - To cut precise pony shapes. (Just be careful with the sharp edges.)
- Scissors can work but will not provide the precise cutting with Foam boards.

6. Tape - To hold the foam poster boards together. Packaging Tape for best results.

7. Safety Pins - To hold the prints in place for glue application.

The steps

1. Once you got the materials and programs ready. You need to find the pony you want to print.
- Best sources is the internet. :P I got all mine from
- The general rule to get the right picture is to use vectors with the highest pixel Dimensions 4000 pixels wide or tall
the higher the resolution the better quality the print will be. Its always better to shrink
large images than to enlarge small images.

2. Next is to prepare the image (If you don't have Adobe Photoshop, Gimp is your best alternative. Simply go to image tab then select Print size to do the next steps for the same results.)
Once you got your pony. Use photoshop to edit the size and resolution
- Turn on photoshop, drag and drop you pony in it.
Select Image tab

Select Image Size

Now Go back to Image Size again.

Next you can change the size of the image by width or height make sure its measured by inches.
Just Reselct Resample image and chose how many inches in width you want your pony to be.
For this Lyra I chose Width - 24.272 inches.
I try to have consistent pony sizes so I compare all other ponies by their head size, simply overlapping one another in different Layers.
I refer to this scale to get the general idea on how large they could be.

Once you selected your size. Save in PNG format to preserve the HQ Vector format and colorless background.

3. Next you need to print. (If you don't have Adobe Illustrator, you may use the free alternatives, but it will require different steps, such as using PDF format to print out the pony pieces.)
I use Adobe Illustrator to print out in tile format which retains the life size pony by printing out in pieces like a puzzle with paper pages.
First Open Adobe Illustrator
Select File tab, select New.

Then Drag and drop your pony, move the image to the center.
Next Select File tab, then Print.

Its Very Important to have Overlap On and at least 0.6 inches. If not, you will have inconsistent edges or missing parts between pages.
Have your letter size pages ready for print. You should have best quality color selected in your printer preferences. This Lyra will require 12-14 pages in total but need about 20 to process. Then Print!

4. Next you need to prepare the image layout

You will need an X-acto Knife or scissors to cut off the borders.
Only cut off the Left and Top part of paper. You will need the right and the bottom border to attach other pieces.

If you use an X-acto Kife be sure to use a metal ruler. Wood gets in the way of incision.

This lyra is bigger than 1 posterboard so you will need to cut and tape extra poster board pieces to fit her.
Using packaging tape will hold it together but will not prevent bending. I'll show you how to reinforce your cut out after the cut out part.

Pin down Lyra to make sure you print went correctly and everything is aligned properly

5. Glue down your image using Spray adhesive for best results. Keep a good distance from the paper when spraying, spray too close or too much will leave a permanent spot on you pony image.
(WARNING: Use with adult supervision, this is a flammable spray, don't inhale or get in eyes, use with caution.)

Start gluing the images in columns from left to right

6. Once you let the glue set for 5 minutes, use a X-acto Knife to cut out the outline of your pony.

After cutting out your pony, glue any loose edges of your image pieces with a glue stick.

7. And there you have a life size pony cut out.

8 To prevent unwanted bents between poster boards, glue and tape extra poster board strips on creases on the back for reinforcement.

9. Your done, but not yet satisfied? Like everything in life your first times are never the best. Try, try again.
Your next one will be better. I bet it will be.
Victor D.
user 43163602
Norwalk, CA
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OPTION 2 "Make Pony Prints like I (Victor Daworker)do."
Its pretty much the same procedure but I use Plotter paper - A roll of 11inch width paper that can make work easier. Its expensive but worth it.

First you need a wide format printer, new ones are too expensive so I use a 10 year old printer. its deskjet 1220c this printer is a god send to me.
But there's a catch. Since its an old printer it only works with Windows XP. If you try to print with windows Vista or newer or Mac, the custom option won't be available, so 11X 10inch - 11 X 50inch won't work on new Os.
If you still use Xp its worth it but if you got a newer Opererating System, use Virtual Machine to run an Xp operating system, in any new OS even Apple computers.

Second you need the toner. Remanufactured toners are your best option for budget. Warning - there is a chance of low quality ink so look for reviews. I bought from this site http://www.meritline....­ They been decent. One set has provided enough for 20 pony prints.

Third is the Paper. The type of paper I use is Plotter Paper - Engineering Bond - which is just plain paper. Its a Roll of 11inch X 500 feet. These are really long. I could only buy them in packs of 4. And 1 roll provided 16 life size ponies (including Celestia) I printed and plenty are left.

I bought them here http://www.plotterpap...­
Its the cheapest I can find for the amount of paper you get with it.
Since its longer paper its less work and easier to put together, but still tricky.

If any questions, concerns, statements, complaints, praise, ect. please post a reply on thread. Tyvm
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. . . this is awesome.
If nobody else does this, then I certainly will. :D
Eric Wu ( LyokoTra...
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