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Meet and Greet

Seth F.
Group Organizer
Hatfield, PA
Hello everyone,

When I started this group, I envisioned a group of individuals w/ varying skills forming together to assist in creation of 1 game to start and maybe more in the future.  If there were enough people and/or several ideas to work w/, perhaps multiple games concurrently but at minimum, 1 game - If we don't have the skills to do something complicated now like something w/ complex 3D shading algorithms, movies, and stereophonic sound profiles, then maybe we can do something smaller, like a 2D tiled game like Frogger or Super Mario or something - for experience. 

I don't really care entirely what language, type, etc. - sure I have my preferences - C++ or Java, I'd love a platform independent game - I'd love a desktop game that plays on Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, whatever but I know the running fad lately has been mobile applications - I personally am not into mobile platforms as my cell phone could never play anything that complicated and as soon as I have a bit more money, I want to invest in a Droid phone of reputable (that is 4G, smart phone, etc.) quality but it would be nice to make an app that maybe works on both - like a Java app w/ a Web/mobile Jar, a desktop/swing/ant/java3d or whatever Jar, and a common Jar - or a C++ app w/ a common shared library and some mobile platform like objective C that interfaces w/ the shared library perhaps.  That aside though, if someone has another language, platform, or interface that is easy to learn and makes sense to everyone, then n oreason why not.  I investigated a javascript library called CAAT a few months ago which was essentially a Scene Graph library like Java3D - problem was that it didn't work in IE and the predominant browser used today is IE w/ Firefox close behind.

If you don't know programming - that's no big deal - there are a lot of other things needed and it's best if we aren't all programmers - If we do a 3D application, we need someone that knows how to make 3D models and textures and all that.  I know a little but not enough to do a game.  We'd have tables where the legs go through the table tops and guns that impale the hand of the person holding them.  We also need sound and music people unless we're making a game for those who live in the 20s w/ silent movies :-P  and dialog people and other functions.

Where do you all live?  I'm in Hatfield - We don't need to be at my place but somewhere - I don't want to travel far - I created this group because I actually am a member of 2 groups in Philly to unite in a group to program for a common cause, one of which is for a game design but I don't want to drive to Philly.  So hopefully we can find a place somewhere in the middle or convenient for all of us.  If we meet at my place, I should let you know I have 2 cats so hopefully you aren't allergic.  I would probably say a McDonalds, Starbucks, or Barnes & Nobles perhaps, preferring McDs around or close to a mealtime hah - those places though have free Wifi if needed.

Next and I think last order of business is when do we want to meet?  Matt had asked me about tonight or tomorrow.  I can't do tonight OR tomorrow 'night' but we can meet tomorrow afternoon and actually after this email I'll be checking w/ my meetup for Sunday night - We might be able to meet Sunday night if that one is cancelled.  - Tonight, my meetup group starts at 7 so if we want to meet just before at like 4 or 5, I know it's short notice but it's possible.

So please respond back:
1.) if/when you're interested in meeting
2.) Where you're coming from and if you have a preference of a location, where?
3.) any other details you might want to give about your skills and interest in a game or whatever

Please also RSVP for the Meet & Greet too if you haven't already.

Feel free to call or email any time if you have any questions.


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